Lego’s Super Star Destroyer Executor

Lego is coming out with another massive Star Wars Lego Piece and this one is massive! At 1.2 meters long weighing 3.2 kilograms this is one massive Lego model, comprised of 3,152 bricks and pieces it will take a long time to put this together. With several parts and attachments to this massive piece you will even have a Darth Vader in the mix, and for all who don’t know the Super Star Destroyer Executor is Darth Vader’s personal ship. They have really done this piece justice and I can’t wait to get my hands on it, going on sale September 1st for $400. I have to make sure I get it before it goes into a collector edition right away then it will triple in price right away.

Link: CNet

Nerd Zodiac


When I saw the first thought I had is I wanted to be a Robot! They had Optimus Prime as the leader of the robots, so I wanted to join but it seems that I was in a different group. When I found my birth year I was impressed, I’m with the Ninjas and Samurais, I’m with Storm Shadow even though he is from Cobra he is still a ninja, and also Darth Vader is part of that year!

(Click the Image to see the large version and see where you fit)

Stormtroopers 365

I can never really get enough of Star Wars and everyone always thinks of the Stormtroopers as nothing interesting but these shots tell a bit of funny story. This project from Stefan was to take daily shots of Stormtroopers TK455 and TK479 for one year, starting April 3rd 2009 and ending April 4th 2010. A lot of them are very creative photos and amazing shots, the titles on some of them are hilarious, and I just posted a few of my favorite pictures in this post.

Link: StormTroopers365

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40 Epic Star Wars Wallpapers

There are many science fiction fans out there and even more Star Wars fans, and collected together the best epic Star Wars wall papers ever seen. There are so many cool wall papers, I just can’t believe it, it makes me want to see all the six movies again. I still want to play Star Wars Battle Front, one of the best games out of Lucas Arts, I’m looking forward to a few new games for Star Wars. I have a few of my favorite backgrounds in this post, but click the link below for all 40 amazing wallpapers.

We’ve got a huge collection of epic Star Wars wallpapers based on high resolution artwork and 3D renders from the famous movies and video games, including The Force Unleashed, The Old Republic, Empire at War, Republic Commando, among others

Link: CoolVibe

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Darth Vader recording for TomTom GPS

Since I’m a huge fan of Star Wars and I love TomTom products this behind the scenes video is hilarious. TomTom are recording Darth Vader’s voice for directions, imagine hearing the voice of Darth Vader for your directions. And there are some pretty damn funny moments with this recording guy having a tough time with Darth Vader! And TomTom customers will be able to choose from Darth Vader and C-3PO; with Yoda and Han Solo to be available in the upcoming months for $12.95 each.

The Secret Life Of Toys

Being a huge Star Wars fan these pictures tell a story, I loved every one of them. Photographs such these bring real feel to these models, bathroom one is a classic. These close ups must have been done with a Macro Lens and they are fantastic. A simple idea telling a great story, your toys are alive.

This particular series features Star Wars characters who have been hit hard by the recession. I hope the stimulus plan reaches the Death Star!

Link: BeautifulDecay

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Galactic State of Mind

Jay Z’s “Empire State of Mind” and Star Wars remix, all put together by College Humor and they did a fantastic job. I love the song in the first place with Jay Z and Alicia Keys but not Darth Vader taking the lead with Princess Leia. Never thought they could remix the whole thing into the coolest Star Wars lyrics possible of all the episodes into one song, just doesn’t get any cooler then this. The best parts were the Ewoks and the Storm Troopers, they just made the video that much better, seriously its a fantastic remix.

Link: CollegeHumor