Hummer – End Of Life In Kuwait


It seems that you will be seeing less and less of the Hummer vehicle line in Kuwait as of this year. It seems the reality of GM’s actions are now reflecting in Kuwait, I knew a while back that they are no longer selling the vehicle and that they are not available but now since the deals fell through and they shutdown the plant its come to a different end. No longer will the dealership be able to support any of the vehicle with our without warranty, the H3 or H3 or the pick up versions of them. Spare parts will cease to be provided by end of 2010, and as that happens even if someone wants to keep their car they have to cannibalize vehicles in the market for spare parts. So if you own one your going to be out of support soon. I think its going to be the same case across the GCC, but I thought they would manage to sell the brand and continue to make the vehicles.

MV Agusta – Dealership – Update

It is known that the motorcycle industry is a difficult one in Kuwait but a few companies have managed to make headway in Kuwait. I am one person who enjoys whenever a motorcycle company is successful in Kuwait be it American, Japanese, Italian, or English so it saddens me to see MV Agusta shut down in Kuwait. It belonged to Al Jema’a and their showroom was located just behind the GM Behbehani Showroom in Sharq opposite Khalijia. It seems they ran into difficult financial times and didn’t manage to sell as much as they expected, I thought they were a bit quite for the past year I didn’t know they weren’t doing well. I just love the MV Agusta motorcycles, their designs are amazing.

I just got a call from the dealers of MV Agusta in Kuwait they have not shutdown their operations. It seems when we went we at an odd time and we got the wrong information, they have no brough the 2009 models since there are newers model about to be launched. MV Agusta is bringing the new models which have just been redesigned and released for 2010 and just revealed in EICMA in Italy at the end of October. There will be a new release for this coming MV Agusta launch in Kuwait for the new models in December. I’m very happy my information was wrong and they are open, but they are only bringing the new models at the end of the year.