Galacia House Spain

The interior solution follows a functional space distribution, coinciding with the blocks’ intersections, over 3 floors. The different levels are connected by a series of flights of stairs, located on a fixed part of the building and ending on a beautiful glass floor corridor that connects with the upper level.

With 2000 square meters to work with A-Cero have design a modern marvel with this piece of architecture. The blocks forming and design making a very formidable building, but it still feels very fresh and open. With two master suites featuring their own walk-in closets and bathrooms, a gym, kitchen, solarium, an imposing living area, and a amazing terrace. Based on the design and materials of the house it looks to be built from expensive materials, then you could see the Beolab 5 Speakers sitting in the living room adding to the decoration and costing well over $15’000, so I’m assuming everything else is on the same level of quality and price.

Link: FresHome

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Over The Cliff in Peru

This magnificent residence seems infiltrated in the ground with its asymmetrical volumes surfacing like a submarine. The home’s architecture is modern and diverse, offering unexpected angles of sight. Two amazing pools add color and entertainment to the overall project design. The building’s interiors take full advantage of the environment. Floor to ceiling windows allow unobstructed views of the ocean, while also ensuring a large amount of natural light during the day.

Rarely do I see house and think how the hell did they build it. It is a beautiful house built on a cliff with an amazing view, I haven’t been to Peru but I’m curious about going South America and there is a lot to see but this amazing design takes advantage of its location, I wouldn’t mind swimming in those pools during warm weather. The interior needs a little more work to be warmer, some more furniture and accessories and it would be perfect. I also think that there is a secret cave attached to house, just like Wayne Manor and The Bat Cave.

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Black & White Houses – Kuwait

I have probably passed this house at least 100 times over the past year, and I have seen it from the 5th ring road as it is getting built, always when on the way to the Avenues. To my surprise I find that the house is featured in a lot of architectural design sites and blogs, I saw and said to myself I knew that house only to read that it is in Kuwait. At first I thought it was three houses but turned out to be six houses molded together, you cant tell when one house starts and the other ends. I always liked the design of the house and wish more houses took this approach to the land they had instead of building the square blocks that they currently are building in most areas in Kuwait.

The project has been complete by AGI Architects who work in Kuwait and Spain, they really seemed to have worked on it to make these houses into the form that they are, with the combination of the white and black colors they merged the six houses on the three plots into overlapping volumes. From the pictures the house seems to have a lot of natural lighting and have been designed in a way to provide each home with its privacy yet seem as one unit, I love the underground parking I just hope it has more then two spots per garage. I’m not even sure how one person can reach the other garage but it is quite a lovely home.

Link: E-Architect
Link: Dezeen

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Abu Dhabi – Rebranded

It seems that all you hear about these days is Abu Dhabi, Dubai has reached the peak of its fame even though it is still developing. I think AbuDhabi has learned from the mistakes of Dubai and other cities, they have taken the best of all different cities and countries and applying it to themselves. You see more and more advertising for Abu Dhabi through out the world but it is being done smoothly and with class. Dubai being the loud guy in the room, and Abu Dhabi is the suave and cool guy in the corner.

They have enticed F1 to come to Abu Dhabi, and the opening Ferrari Park soon. They are even developing the airport to be another central long haul hub in the region and aggressively promoting Etihad as the elite airlines of the region. Several major projects taking place in different areas such as the Arts in the form of the Ferrari Museum, as well as talk of an Abu Dhabi Louvre. They are taking their time and picking the best of the crop of all that they want, they have been quiet for a decade and now they are coming out

From rebranding to choosing the different color pallete to go with the Abu Dhabi brand, and then the font to match the new design. Its amazing work and I like how they have incorporated it all together and complements each other.

I enjoyed the quote below especially the “lunacy” part

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). However you may be more familiar with the world’s-tallest-tower-building, 7-star-hotel-opening, artificial-islands-in-the shape-of-a-world-map-making, or palm-creating lunacy of Dubai, the more famous of the two UAE cities.

Link: UnderConsideration

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iPod Wall

Concepts like these are really cool, putting together an animated design acting as tiled photo display on 20 iPod Touches. This would be considered an expensive animated tiled imaged but still very cool, whats great is they took the concept and programmed it to output this into 20 iPod with one controlling iPod. It’s not very hard but still not easy to design a program such as this, but I love the idea. The wood part I would be able to do but the programming is out of my league.

Link: UnPlugged

Secret Stash – Hiding Items in UnSuspecting Areas

Now this is fantastic! I love the idea of “Secret Stash” taking the advantage of daily items to hide objects and items in plain sight. This is like modern James Bond secret areas, you can hide your other passport, cash, secret documents in furniture and daily use items. I have always wanted to have a secret storage area, or a hidden wall or room, something of that nature to have in my house but these pieces of furniture in the video are fantastic.

This project is about concealing valuables, secrets, bad habits and personal information in our workplaces. Here, hidden spaces/ messages were created within 8 general objects such as wood boards, lamps and disposable coffee cups. We make judgments based mainly on our experiences and what we see. This dependency on visual information can create large blind spots. Thus, usual stereotypes of how we perceive solid, transparency and lighting are employed in this project to play with notions of ‘solid and void’, and ‘true and false’.

Link: Freshome

Picking A Typeface


Now this is an interesting process for picking a typeface, this is honestly a perfect thought process to match the typeface you want. It used to confuse the hell out of me when choosing fonts for different purposes, I would honestly write the words in Microsoft Word and go through applying the different fonts to see which one I like, it was a ridiculously tedious process and most of the time I didn’t come out with good results. But this is honestly an excellent process, recommending certain fonts to different purposes, people might say its a bit limiting but I think its useful when you don’t know what the hell your doing, which is my exact situation. I even enjoyed the questions that were put into the thought process, very fun.

Click on the image for a larger version.

Link: VisualTherapy

Cool Movie Wall Decals

There is always something to make a room a bit special, and for every movie fan goer I think this would be the perfect addition to any room. Cool movie wall decals from rEVOLV3r Apparel, in probably all the ideasthat a person could have, from Marlyn Monroe to Pulp Fiction to Transformers. Their movie wall decals can fit all the different tastes, I really would want to have that Decepticon decal or Optimus Prime on the wall, I have this love for those big robots . The decals are made from high quality vinyl and are touted to last “virtually forever” indoors, while outdoor use has a 5 year rating, rEVOLV3r also ships worldwide. I like how some of these decals/stickers feel like street art rather then stickers, they have this spray paint feel to them, I think the Pulp Fiction is the coolest out of the bunch.

Link: Etsy rEVOLV3r Apparel

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T-Square Magazine – “Why Design? Cause and Effect”


T-Square Magazine will be hosting its second dinner night under the theme “Why Design? Cause and Effect”. The theme of the night will be the theme of our upcoming 8th issue of T-Square Magazine. The night will include 4 presentations from 4 different Architects, an exhibition showcasing students work and a timeline of the history of the Department of Architecture at Kuwait University.

Organized by T-Square Magazine, a student based architectural magazine together with KASA(Kuwait Architectural Student Association) and AIAS(American Institute for Architecture Students) “A Night for Architecture” at the Americani Cultural Center. January 13, 2010 6-9pm.

I’m a fan of architecture so I’m curious to check this exhibit out, and especially since checking out their magazine online, a lot of great articles and amazing pictures.

Link: T-Square Magazine

A Shalaih in Kuwait

I got these pictures by email and I was impressed by this very nicely designed shalaih. It looks more like a resort then a shalaih, it is modern and I think they did an amazing job with the landscape design, very simple and making it clean and beautiful. The overall lighting scheme of the places is very nice, especially the pool at night. It seems to have three living rooms, I’m not sure why but it doesn’t look like they took pictures of the whole place. Even the Z4 in those pictures looks really nice with that lighting.

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