100 Epos Cards

I don’t know what exactly is the concept behind all these credit cards, but all I know is that they are very cool. I think a bank in Japan had 100 different designers make all these different cards, I’m not sure whats the reason but wouldn’t it be cool that some of these cards really be made for the consumer. I doubt a bank in Kuwait would think of doing something like this.

Link: EposCards

A Key Thing

I don’t misplace my keys too much, but I do have too many in one place and they aren’t too organized. I don’t like the traditional way of hanging keys, right now I have them all in a cup which I have to do dig into. This is a simple design yet a very innovative and creative solution. A simple piece of rubber with grippy port holes to keep all your keys in one location, and it looks like it can handle a variety of keys.

Link: YankoDesign

Curved Bookshelves

Triptyque designed this space ship looking bookshelf for a urban apartment in San Paulo, Brazil. This bookshelf system serves the whole apartment from normal books, to important items, to the entertainment system at the other end. It gives the apartment a different form and feel which I can appreciate.

If there is one thing that I love when it comes to furniture its bookshelves, and this one turned out to be one of the strangest yet interesting bookshelf I have seen. I just like to organize my books, dvds, and other times to a specific pattern that only makes sense to me, its something to do with organized chaos.

Link: io9 (Thanks nibaq)

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