The Proteges – Seminar at CBA


I wrote about The Proteges program about this time last year and what they do, and it seems they had a successful run with their 25 students. Its amazing the amount of talent there is in Kuwait and I’m hoping that they expand on this program. Currently they have seminar taking place in the College of Business Administration to give you a glimpse of what they do and to get an understanding of The Proteges. You should check it out today if you have a chance.

Get more familiar with The Proteges program, with a couple of inspiring mentors at College of Business Administration – Monday April 11th at 12:30PM in A2

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Last Windows News

I’m always on the look out for major news from Windows since they have some improvements on the way. I’m planning to install Windows 7 on one of my machines, but I have honestly been to lazy to work on it but I know I will over the next couple of weeks. Also I have been using Vista for some time and I have to say that its pretty good and a lot of the improvements have been great in comparison to when it was first released.

  • Windows 7 will be release in September
  • Vista SP2 Patch will be released soon (I’m hoping very soon)
  • A slim version of Windows 7 will be made for Netbooks, going to be interesting how good its going to be since preliminary reports say that the normal Windows 7 works great with the current line of Netbooks.