Mounting The iPad To Your Machine

There are always different ways of using your iPad, I try and use it any situation, I usually have it sitting next to my desk on the right side of the screen. The way this HoverBar works is that it mounts on the back of the The HoverBar fits all iPad 2 models and attaches to all iMacs and Apple Displays with an L-shaped desk stand, priced at $79.99 its a bit on the high side but has a solid build.

Link: TwelveSouth

NEC CRV43 Curved Widescreen Display

I never thought that there would be a curved screen such as this. A 43 inch display in a curved widescreen format, its resolution is around 2880×900 double WXGA, a 10’000:1 Contrast ratio, single link DVI-D and HDMI inputs, on screen display, and probably the coolest screen to hit the market. You can have it by July with a very nice price tag of $8,000. The one part which seems to be missing in the description is that there is 9 inch back end resembling the good old CRT monitors from back in the day. Still for the techi who can afford this its one interesting piece of equipment, makes working on panoramic photos and editing IMAX movies easy as pie.

Link: UnCrate