SpeedFactory Challenger SF600R

I have always been a fan of the Dodge Challenger, and I’m loving every modified vehicle that these aftermarket companies come up with. There is something different about a cool muscle car, it might not handle like a German or Japanese Sports car, but its a hell of a lot of fun to drive. Dodge came up with a winner with this machine, it doesn’t mess around, no frills driving machine and surprisingly it handles too. SpeedFactory took this beautiful machine a step further.

A naturally aspirated 600 bhp machine bored to 426 cu. in. from the 6.1 Liter engine of the SRT8. Tweaked suspension, clutch, gear box, and a nice list of goodies makes this one very mean machine. You will have some good Rock music playing in the background driving down the road holding on to the cool shifter, I think the funnest thing about it is that ridiculously tall shifter. Just cruising down the road I wonder how the exhaust tone of a machine like this would be.

Link: Autoblog

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U.S Air Force Challenger Vapor

The Air Force wanted to show case their technology and power so they decided to work on making two supercars and worked with Galpin Auto Sports. They decided to work on one Ford Mustang and another Dodge Challenger, I’m more interested in the USAF Challenger Vapor, it looks like a scary machine, even the internals of it looks like a jet fighter, with thermal imaging, long range camera, and fully integrated controls, and stealth mode. A heads up display the covers the whole windshield, solid carbon fiber discs, this machine can sneak on KITT and make him look like a punk. I ‘have always liked the challenger but this machine is really something else, they have turned it into a dark stealth machine to be afraid of.

Link: Air Force Supercars
Link: Galpin Auto Sports

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