Computer Routine

Some people tend to sit on their computer before sleeping or using it as soon as they wake up, I do both. I think I’m addicted to my machines, its a funny routine I go through before regular browsing. Every person has a routine, I tend to have mine, I check torrents being downloaded to the server, then checking my downloads and whats left to be downloaded. As soon as I’m done checking my emails, posts, and regular surfing, I start to organize my downloads. I extract multiple files, and start moving the extracted files to the server and during this period the resources of the PC are pretty much fully used. I leave the PC for about 1.5 hours to finish up all that I’m moving. Its very satisfying to get everything organized, feels like your day is productive and I like  to make sure my connection is fully utilized.

FTP and more

From the other day I just kept on downloading more and more, thinking that I wanted to make sure I had the full list of items I wanted to watch. From yesterday evening I was facing a problem, for some reason my FTP wasn’t connecting correctly, I tried it from another connection and it seemed fine. I check the firewall settings, restarted both router and switch, checked the program, and again checked the other connection.

I even asked to restart the remote server, but it seems nothing could solve the issue. I was looking at the screen frantically trying to figure out why I can’t get to my media, what the hell could be wrong. After 24 hours it just took one person to look at my FTP log to notice that I no longer have any space on my hard drives, they are majorly full. I did some organization, moving some files over, and now I’m getting rid of all my torrent files on my local computer since all my downloads will be through the server, and keeping the ratios very happy.

Downloading Now 07/08

Every once in awhile I go through a huge downloading phase and I am at one of them. Most of these files range from 4 GB to 8 BG, and some a little more. I like having all the movies I do enjoy in 1080p, they are very clear and crisp, there just isn’t anything to substitute high quality movies. Now there is the issue of bandwidth and having enough to get all the material you want at one go.


  • Never Back Down DVDSCR
  • Casino Royal 1080p
  • Jumper 1080p
  • 10,000 BC 1080p
  • Stealth 1080p
  • Big Trouble in Little China
  • Diary of the Dead 720p
  • Sex And Death 101 720p
  • Cassandras Dream 720p
  • Drillbit Taylor 720p
  • College Road Trip 720p
  • Sky Captain And The World of Tomorrow 1080p
  • Step Up 2 The Streets 1080p
  • Casino Royale 1080p
  • Get Smarts Bruce And Lloyd Out Of Control 720p


  • Soul Eater
  • D.GrayMan 52-90

192 GB and counting

I’m on a ridiculous downloading spree, I have spent weeks reorganizing my files and moving things around. Now that I do have some I plan to take full advantage of it. Very soon I shall have one combined network with a load balancer and link aggregator, so I just have to set the policies of the network device and I am good to go.

I am downloading a total of 192 GB right now, and its a combination of 720 p Movies and full anime series that I am missing or looking for. The list can grow a lot faster, but I just want to see how long this will take for my connection to digest, my top speed is 480 Kbps that I have seen but we shall see what happens when I combine the networks. The more space, the more downloads, and the cycle continues.