EVGA Classified SR-2


“The Mother of All Mother Boards”

That is what they call the scariest motherboard I have ever seen, I have built the infamous Intel SkullTrail and that monster was a beast, but this is just another creature. Running dual Intel Xeon processors, 12 Dimms for up to 48 GB DDR3 Ram, Two Sata III, Two USB 3.0, and a very big board. Every once in a while there is a piece of hardware which just blows you out of the water, the last one for me was the Skulltrail and I got it after a long time, and not the Classified SR-2 from EVGA. They really outdid themselves, has twin LGA1366 sockets, providing the foundation for a colossal 12-core, 24-threaded monster box, and it’s worth noting that Intel’s Core i7-980X isn’t supported. This board is so big they had to make use of the new acronym, HPTX, which is bigger the ATX boards which are the usual size in computers. It can be yours for about $600 and that doesn’t include the extremely expensive Intel Xeons that you have to get the heart beating in this beast, but if your looking for something that can eat up all you can throw at it then this is where you start.

Windows 7 Build

After having some time aside I have taken to completing the WHS server, and as well as taking a few things apart I decided to continue the build on my Intel Extreme Dual Processor Motherboard. I decided to use the spare parts that I had from all the different machines, as well as a few parts that are laying around. I used the Thermaltake Kandalf case from my old WHS Server since its such an excellent case, fits the huge motherboard perfectly, and its a very solid case.

Parts List:

Putting this system together I decided to put Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit on the machine, and I’m assuming its going to run blazing fast with this specifications. This will be my honest try using Windows 7 this time around. Finishing projects and getting up and running is a very good feeling, now I just have to clean up all the electrical parts that are laying around all over the place.