Ducati 1198S Scuderia by Red Fenix

The Ducati 1098/1198 is one of Ducatis most successful machines and I am a huge fan of this beautiful machine, now this is an interesting machine from Red Fenix. You will have a pretty much race ready machine with amazing paint job a lot of the works, but a tad bit over priced when your better off get the 1098R or the upcoming 1198R which is pretty much race ready and almost unbeatable on the road. If you are looking for that one off machine then the Scuderia 1198S is the way to go, and of course you have €100,000 to spare.

Link: AsphaltandRubber

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Ducati Street Fighter In Kuwait

I couldn’t believe these beauties in front of my eyes, Ducati have perfected an Art form. I got a text from Salem @ Tristar telling me that the Streetfighter and the Streetfighter S were both on the show room floor. I took off as soon as I landed from Singapore. The pearl white from Ducati is beautiful from every angle, they even had one pearl white 1198 just behind the two of these beauties. Then there was the red Streetfighter S which I couldn’t keep my hands off of, I really wanted to throw my leg over the machine and take off. I want to congratulate the owners of the machine whoever they are going to be.

Ducati have really struck a cord with these beauties and I really think they will expand to other beautiful machines. I didn’t know how they could improve on the 1098, then they came out with the 1198. I can’t wait to try the Streetfighter, it looks so enticing, and inviting to ride, I bet the experience would be exhilarating. The Streetfighter is selling 5250 KD and the Streetfighter S is going for 6250 KD, and I think these prices are comparable to the UK. The beauty of the lines, the curves, the shades of this machine have been crafted by an artist, it calls to any rider next to it.

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Review: Flip MinoHD

I got my Flip MinoHD a while back now but I didn’t have a chance to really use it except a little recently. The box is nice and compact, comes with a few wires, a pouch, and the manual. The camera is smaller then I expected, its smaller then my Blackberry 8900, fits very nicely in my hand. Switched it on and it has some very simple settings, and you pretty much point and record right away. It records at 720p video which you can connect to your computer through USB, the USB connector is built into the Flip MinoHD, its at the top and flips out, then you connect it to your computer to either take the videos or charge it, to charge the Flip you also connect it to the USB.

It has very simple operations when recording, you just have one big red button to record and point in the direction that you want. There is a simple built-in software which I used to create the test video below. The sound recorded quality is excellent and so it the video quality, if you are looking for a simple point and shoot video camera for under $200 then this is the perfect camera. I was looking to use a camera to mount to my bikes while riding and mount it to the car while driving to make some fun videos, and it really did the job. You can do edit the video insert any effects but that must be done in something like Adobe Premiere.

  • Holds 60 minutes of HD-quality video (1280 x 720 resolution at 30 frames per second; 16:9 widescreen) on 4 GB of built-in memory
  • Weighs only 3.3 ounces, sleek design, fits into your pocket or purse
  • Features one-touch recording and digital zoom
  • Flip-out USB arm plugs directly into your computer to launch built-in FlipShare software
  • FlipShare software lets you save and organize your videos, simple editing, make movie, email, or upload online

Flip MinioHD Test from Marzouq on Vimeo.

I honestly think they did a great job with this camera targeting a specific usage for it. I do think there is room for improvement but I gave it high marks because of the video quality I kept getting and sound capture, and overall extreme ease of use. Now you can the Flip UltraHD which does a little bit more for the same price, so I would go for this one at this point.

Price: $199
Link: Amazon

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LEGO Technic Street Bike

I have recently gotten the urge to put things together and what better to satisfy that urge then with Lego Technic. I was just think how I’m being childish about this until I came across this beauty of a model, they made a model of the Ducati 749, how appropriate is that. The lines look great on this piece, it seems to have a V4 based on the commentary. Who doesn’t enjoy putting a Lego model together that really functions like this motorcycle.

Ducati Streetfighter Video


The Ducati Streetfighter is a work of art in my opinion, Ducati is going the right way. I love riding my 1098s, so I’m assuming there are going to be similar riding characterisitics with this bike. Then there is the DTC system which is the new traction control system. I really like it in red and I’m assuming a few people are going to get them in Kuwait. I like how they made the youtube video which looks very raw, just like the bike. 


Link: Youtube

C2D Ducati Hypermotard Project

C2D went with a normal Hypermotard and turned into a work of art through hard effort and carefully picking the right parts and design of this machine. I like the matte black and glossy wheel combination and all the additives of the engine components from Speedymoto, he also went with the Quat-D ex-box exhaust which looks a bit stumpy but fits the design perfectly and has an interesting exhaust tone to it.

Link: Desmoworks

Ducati Streetfighter coming to Kuwait

A great chassis, a powerful engine, lots of torque, a nice single sided swing arm and good brakes make this an exciting machine. The Streetfighter is a different machine with a up right riding position, it really looks to be the best naked bike yet. I like the design of this machine, and it seems to be coming ot Kuwait around April for 5200 KD for the standard one and 6100 KD for the Streetfighter S in Red.

I really like the red version of the bike, you can check out the pictures below. Also the white looks really good too, this is one beautiful machine.

Link: Ducati

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2009 Ducati Monster 1100


“Same Hooligan Thrills, Newfound Polish”

That pretty much sums up the new Monster 1100, a jump up from the 696 which has been a successful successor of the 695. Ducati has taken the right steps in the best direction even in these tough times. For this machine they went with the usual air cooled engine which produces a lot of power and torque for all those riders who are going to enjoy its rev. Based on the review it does have a unique feeling to the ride, but like any monster its going to have lots of parts that can be modified to make it such a personal motorcycle. I can’t wait to see what customized version of this machine is going to look like since I know lots of people are going to enjoy this machine and will want to start customizing.

Link: PM

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Ducati Limited Edition 1098 R Bayliss

The 1098R is a machine to be reckoned with, literally the best v-twin motorcycle made yet. And Ducati has dedicated this one to Troy Bayliss for winning three Superbike World Champions with his Ducati. Only 500 are being made at $45000, signed by Ducati CEO Gabriele Del Torchio and Troy Bayliss with the production number. It would take a real Ducatista to appreciate this work of art.

Link: Luxist

Ducati 1198/1198S

It seems the 1198/1198S are getting rave reviews, I think Ducati has another gem on their hand with this one. The new 1198S comes with the Ducati Traction Control (DTC) which is featured on the more expensive 1098R. There is increase of torque on this engine, I can’t imagine how more torque would feel since I do love my 1098S, and the claimed 170 bhp is just amazing.

Link: MCN