HTC Desire – The Android Phone

I have been using a few Android phones for a while now and overall they have made huge strides with the different iterations of the Operating Systems. I know for one that I am looking forward to seeing a sleek Android tablet since it feels more internet oriented then the Apple OS which is more Application oriented and Apple does have a lot of amazing applications. I hope they keep improving on this operating system and more amazing phones keep coming out, I for one am loving the HTC Desire.

The Good:

  • Accurate Touch Screen
  • Big and Bright Screen
  • Very good Camera and Flash
  • Excellent Battery Life (Much better then the Nexus One)
  • Charges very quickly (Nexus One used to take too long to charge)
  • Solid EDGE/HSDPA/3G connectivity and smoother switch over to Wifi when available, Data is excellently managed and integrated (Nexus One was choppy at times)
  • Solid feeling phone
  • Much better loud speaker
  • HTC already upgrade from 2.1 Eclair to 2.2 Froyo smoothly
  • HTC Sense adds a light smooth interface on top of Android which is intuitive

Zain Settings:

  • Go into Mobile Network, Click “APN”, Options “Add New”
  • Name it “PPS”
  • Username “PPS”
  • Password “PPS”

Make sure to save it and Edge/3G worked where ever there was coverage

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HTC – Desire

Just recently got my hands on the new HTC Desire, the HTC version of the Nexus One. Extremely similar specs but they have updated the software a bit as well as changing the trackball to a infra-red sensor which feels your fingers presence.

What really makes this such a different phone is HTC’s touch to the software. They have updated a few of the bugs, overall 3G is much smoother on it. Then there is the interface, which is what they call “HTC Sense”. It overlaps the Android software (Eclair 2.1) with their modified and smoother interface.

Whats Great:

  • HTC Sense – Just makes everything smoother
  • Better & Smoother 3G performance
  • Same cool line of software
  • Great Google Application Integration
  • As soon as I registered my Gmail Account it updated all my contacts over a wireless connection as well as the pictures that I have associated with each contact.
  • A bit heavier then the Nexus One but it does feel very solid

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