Playlist 11/12

Putting a playlist together is sometimes a tedious task because of my stupid machine with iTunes on it. Luckily Spotify has relieved me of most of the headache that I face with iTunes but sometimes I still have to go back and put together a playlist for traveling or to update. This time around I did the research on another machine and just bought them on the iTunes machine. The songs to enjoy this weekend, if you have any other tracks I missed let me know.

  • Karmin – Hello
  • Flo Rida – I Cry
  • Michael Gray – I Can’t Wait For The Weekend
  • Madeon – The City
  • David Guetta – Play Hard ft. Ne-Yo & Akon
  • Chris Brown – Don’t Judge Me
  • Maroon 5 – One More Night
  • Rihanna – Diamonds
  • Ke$ha – Die Young
  • Swedish House Mafia – Don’t You Worry Child
  • Cobra Starship – #1Nite
  • Calvin Harris – Sweet Nothing
  • Deadmau5 The Veldt (ft. Chris James ( Tommy Trash Remix))
  • Mariah Carey – Triumphant
  • Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl – In My Mind
  • Nicki Minaj – Pound The Alarm
  • Calvin Harris ft Ne-Yo – Let’s Go
  • Timbaland – Hands In The Air
  • Psy – Gangnam Style
  • MAdeon – Finale (Original Mix)
  • Far East Movement – Turn Up The Love

QLOCKTWO by Biegert & Funk

I tend to find watches attractive and I always look at my watch or the computer , I always like feeling that I have more time to accomplish what I need. I usually try and get a cool watch to hang on the wall, and somewhat readable so I can tell the time. This exquisite piece of engineering is made in Germany by Biegert & Funk, the QLOCKTWO clock reconsiders the way we view time – not with numbers, but with words. An interesting blend of art, function, and technology tt has a quadratic matrix of letters (presenting in a super clean sans serif font) – where some of the letters are illuminated. I honestly love it even though its a bit on the pricey side for $1100.

This is QLOCKTWO, the fourth dimension squared. A clock that tells time in words. It has a quadratic matrix of letters, where some of the letters are illuminated. The time is displayed as text in five minute intervals. If you need to have a more exact time, look in the corner at the illuminated dots. QLOCKTWO has a brightness sensor; with its help the illuminating power of the letters is automatically adjusted.

Link: Beigert&Funk