Companies & Social Media In Kuwait

Over the last year and half a lot of companies and specifically telecom companies have gotten heavily into all types of social media. They are active on blogs, in events, facebook, and twitter and other platforms that they can expand on. A few have even hired services from The Marketing Heaven to boost their social signals online using legal methods. I’m honestly proud that these companies see the value of social media in Kuwait and its strength, we are ahead in the region on this aspect and we keep moving forward which is a good thing.

It feels like more companies are taking social responsibility and they are giving people more direct access to them and it helps resolve issues. Also it does expose them to more criticism which most companies don’t like, and there are those who don’t care at all. Now a lot of companies, especially the Telecom companies have been sponsoring blogs which is a good step, it supports the community and it gives them an air of legitimacy. But then also brought another creature to evolve which are the Blogs For Cash movement, they make blogs just to sell off ad space and make money, and usually they don’t last too long or their content is crap but still they keep popping up.

Now Telcos are getting more and more involved with lots of events, I keep seeing people post about them and I do get invited but 99% of the time I don’t have time to go and other 1% I would rather do other things. They are handing out iPhones like they are candy and pretty much the next hot item, which is great and good for people to review and experience their service. But recently a lot of these gifts and sponsorship come with strings, string that I for one would never accept. At this point they tell you can talk about their competitor, you can’t attend their events, and you can’t really bad mouth their products. When the money comes with strings such as those I wouldn’t want it no matter how much they are offering. Whats funny is that recently I have noticed blogs which are Team Zain, or Team Wataniya, or Team Viva some keep trying to buy out the other. In reality it isn’t a bad thing but when they interfere with the content to this degree its unacceptable and its a very bad path they are choosing, some still don’t apply it but some companies are. At the end it is the choice of the blog to make the decision of which sponsor they would like on board.

In Singapore

There is always a lot to do in Singapore during a visit, I didn’t have enough time to go to all the places I wanted to this time around but we still managed to squeeze a lot into our schedule in 2.5 days. The perfect amount of time is 4 to 5 days and you get to see a lot in the city. The best part is the public transportation, I honestly enjoyed getting into their cabs, the older the better, the older ones are really clean and spacious, there are a lot of new ones and many of them are Mercedes C/E class but the old cabs are worth enjoying. Walking around is just so refreshing, and I love all the udner ground walkways, you literally find so much around these underground malls, to say that Singapore is space efficient is an understatement. This is just a short list of places to go to and where to stay in Singapore, and there is always a new development, and I love that the it is so clean.


  • Long Beach Seafood @ Dempsey Road
  • Ooch @ Dempsey Road
  • Min Chang – Chinese Food @ Goodwood Park
  • Tatsu Sushi – Amazing Japanese & Tapenyaki @ Chijmes

Where To Stay:

  • St. Regis – Right In the Main Shopping Area
  • Ritz Carlton – A Bit far but very nice hotel
  • Marina Bay Sands- Amazing hotel in the new Marina Bay Project but also a bit far

Have To See It Once

  • Night Safari – Lots of Animals to See, and fun show
  • Jurong Bird Park – Every kind of bird you can imagine
  • Orchard Road – All the shopping Area
  • Takashimaya – Like Harrods but a Japanese Chain
  • Cineliesure – All the movies in one building, lots of screens and great popcorn

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