Ferrari F12 VS. 599 GTO

The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is the 740-horsepower replacement for the 620-hp 599 GTB. But they put it against the best of the last breed and both the 599 GTO and the F12 are beautiful machines. 661 bhp 599 GTO vs the F12 740 bhp, and damn they looked good. The point was to see how well the newest in the line of Ferrari’s front-engined V12s stood up against the highest and hardest-edged iteration of the last. Italians know how to make their machines.

EVO Test Drive – 599 GTO

What a beautiful machine from Ferrar, the 599 GTO, and Chris Harris at EVO is the lucky guy that gets to test drive it. It is marketed as a pure race breed machine, a monster on the track and worth the price. As mentioned before all 599 of these cars have been pre-sold before production, and you can’t even get your hands on one at this point. I enjoy how Chris is driving at the 2:30 point and onwards, its a wild horse from Ferrari. He does go into the detail of describing his opinion of the car, but I don’t really care, I just care to see this beautiful machine in action.