Details on Michael Bay’s Bayhem

I am one man who is a huge fan of Michael Bay, he knows how to make his movies entertaining and people keep coming back to them. His first movie being Bad Boys which I have probably seen close to 500 times over the last 16 years, I remember seeing it last year so I probably need to watch it again some time soon. Critics may hate the guy but his movies are entertaining and keep making a lot of money, and I hope he keeps making movies like he does.

The list of movies that he has made are all on my top movie list, and a few of them on my top ten list. Michael Bay’s Movies:

  • Bad Boys
  • The Rock
  • Armageddon
  • Pearl Harbor
  • Bad Boys II
  • The Island
  • Transformers
  • Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen
  • Transformers Dark Side Of The Moon

A very talented graphic designer has analyzed some information about Bay’s movies and it has some interesting correlation, the more explosions and the more people die in his movies the more money it makes, the numbers don’t lie, check it out below.

Link: FrankenSpace

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Review: The Losers

The Losers is about a team of mercenaries who wage war on the CIA after they’re double-crossed in the field and left to die. Aisha convinces Clay and his team to start back up again to take down those who framed them, and that means waging war against the CIA. The story is simple with the team trying to put things back together and trying to find the guy that double crosses them. An action packed fun movie with lots of explosions to enjoy, while trying to get revenge they have to stop this nut case from starting the next war. The best part about this movie was Jensen (Chris Evans), he was the comic relief throughout the movie, lots of funny moments with bullets flying and a lot of fun overall.

Link: IMDB

BMW High Security Vehicles

I know BMW made some beefed up cars, but I thought aftermarket companies made them ready for battle, not a division of BMW. They really take a lot into consideration, completely re-engineering the car carry the extra weight and the different mechanisms to handle the extra security. Its cool that the cars can with stand high caliber bullets and some even prepped to handle mines, the best part of the video is watching them shoot at the cars, I want that job.

Link: AutoBlog

Ninja Assassin – Trailer HD

Raizo (Rain) is one of the deadliest assassins in the world. Taken from the streets as a child, he was transformed into a trained killer by the Ozunu Clan, a secret society whose very existence is considered a myth. But haunted by the merciless execution of his friend by the Clan, Raizo breaks free from them…and vanishes. Now he waits, preparing to exact his revenge.

This movie is at the top of my watch list, I love martial arts movies of this level and it seems they have taken it to another level. This is just one trailer, the other trailer is age restricted because it seems this movie has a lot of blood it, chopped bodies, assassinations, and explosions. The trailer doesn’t show too much but it looks amazing, now it will be an excruciating wait for but really wroth it.

Review: Gamer

In the near future inmates play to live and people who don’t want to live, live to be played in the ultimate social networking game. Inmates are given the chance to get out of jail by participating in “Slayers” being controlled by other humans through brain implants, the same technology used and tried in the ultimate social networking game. Gerard Butler aka “Kable” is the ultimate soldier, a killing machine with a damn good controller working with him, many die but its only a game that they signed up for and more inmates sign up. There is more to this then just what you see, Kable wants to get out and he will be the first to complete Ken Castle’s game aka Dexter aka Michael C Hall. Michael C Hall plays the ultimate villain and he plays him so well, like a bit of psycho with a lot of power, very entertaining and as usual Gerard Butler kicks major ass. A fun filled movie that anyone can enjoy, action packed and Gerard Butler proves himself to be a badass just as in 300.

Link: IMDB

The Expendables Trailer

Now this is a movie I have been hearing rumors about for a long time, all I kept hearing is that Stallone kept recurriting different actors and now you can see it in this trailer. This is exactly the type of movie I love watching, non-stop action with some humor thrown in. The best part is a lot of my favorite actors are in it, Jet Li and Jason Statham being the top two and the team is hilarious and the action is fantastic. Now we just have to wait for the release.

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