Fat Burger in Mahbola – Damn Good

There were announcements all over the blogs that Fat Burger was open, and officially open by last Thursday. I had the chance to get a bite and I was hungry so we decided to get a bite from Fat Burger, and that was a very good decision. The building is located in a new complex on the seaside just a little before Alia & Ghalia Tower.

The Fat Burger is a bit bigger then normal and very spacious with lots of seating, you can see the order counter on the upper floor. The same menu and same cheer when they repeat the orders. My standard order is a double with cheese, lettuce, onions, and extra ketchup. A very simple and clear order, I will know right away if this is the same one I have been having every time I set foot in Dubai. The order came within 10 minutes, we had skinny fries with the order, I finished my fries first because I don’t like cold fries and I wanted to enjoy my burger.

I unwrapped the burger and pour a little ketchup on the lettuce, closed it up and go it ready for the big bite. It is just as good as before, a fresh tasting burger that I kept having every time I go to Dubai Mall. I devoured the sandwich, I almost bit my fingers off it tasted so good and its been a while since I had a Fat Burger burger. If you haven’t had it then you shouldn’t miss it, and its located in a nice new complex, it winter that place is going to be packed for sure. Lets just hope they maintain the quality, I know I’m going back there soon.

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Break @ FatBurger

Knowing that I was on a diet and I would take one break day, I knew it would be the day I would eat a Fatburger burger. I walked 1 km around the mall to get the Fatburger shop, knowing that I was in for a very good burger. There was a decent line as usual, just a few people deciding what they want with their burgers.

I ordered one Double Fatburger with cheese, no pickles, no tomato, another Regular Fatburger with the same items, and regular fries. I wanted to have coke but decided on water only, at least I would stick to one thing. That Double Fatburger disappeared from my hands with a few bites, it tasted so fresh and easy to eat that I wanted to eat the next and all the fries. It looking like a scene from the Cookie Monster, my hands and face were smeared with mustard and ketchup, I couldn’t give a damn how messy it got but I loved the taste and being full again. After cleaning up we went to the movie and we were very relaxed and full. The surprising part for me was that I felt like I was going to explode, as if I ate too much, it seems my stomach has shrunk and I wasn’t aware that this has happened from cutting back on food, previously I would be able to eat that without a second thought and maybe a third burger as well, next time I will just have that Double Fatburger with fries and that’s it.

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