Great Mazinger 1969

I think everyone knows how Mazinger is, well at least the kids from the 80s do but he has crossed many generations and I think we are especially familiar with him in Kuwait. Now that I managed to get my hands on a Fewture Great Mazinger 1969 Model, I was very excited, for those who don’t know Fewture makes THE coolest models, and they are almost all metal and are very high quality. I have this model for sometime but I wanted to place him in the perfect spot, somewhere I would see every day and enjoy it.

It took me about 30 minutes to unbox, clean, and put him together while taking the photographs and I think in my head I was waiting for him to come alive and to become a real gigantic robot, I still have a notion that one day I will be piloting a super robot. From my previous posts I have the Senshiro Jumaro Model and Ghost In The Shell – Tachikoma which is still one of my favorites.

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Senshiro Jumaro – Model

The kids of the 80s will know who this is instantly, Senshiro and Jumaro from the robotic wrestling show of the 1980s. This is when KTV was at its finest, they had amazing animated cartoons from Japan even before Europe and North America did, we were ahead of the curve with so much types of media. And I remember it so fondly this was one of the shows that I cherished, who wouldn’t have wanted a robot as they were a kid that can kick ass. Usually I prefer watching anime in Japanese but I saw a few episodes of Jumaro a while back and watched them in both Japanese and Arabic, and by far the Arabic was much better. Surprisingly the anime had a few risque drawings in the Anime from back in the 80s, it shows that we were more open back then.

Thanks to Fewture models I was able to find the Jumaro model, and whats great about their models is that they are made from metal and molded to the perfect form. The model is fully moveable joints while made out of metal, and Jumaro looks everything like the animated series, if not better then the series. Didn’t take long to unbox and put together, I placed next to the other Japanese & Fewture models on my shelf. The only thing left to make this the perfect model is for him to have A.I. and move based on my telepathic commands.

Check out this YouTube for the intro video to Senshiro.

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Shin Getter – Fewture EX CHOGOKIN

Shin Getter Robo is a fictional mecha from Go Nagai and Ken Ishikawa’s Getter Robo universe. It first appeared in the last volume of the Getter Robo Go manga, then made famous by the Super Robot Wars series of video games. It has appeared in two separate OVAs and several of Nagai and Ishikawa’s manga.

Fewture makes one of the best models out of all the companies, moveable and almost all in metal which is very impressive. They only have a few and the moment they sell out, they start selling in the thousands. This one is from the old school Shin Getter 1 from 1993 and its mean and I love it, I have the Great Mazinger and Mazinger 1969 which are very cool. I especially love the Giant Axe with Shin Getter 1, he just looks bad ass like that.

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Tachikoma – Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. 2nd GIG

One of the few models that have taken time to track down, Tachikoma is a special robot from Ghost in the Shell with an autonomous intelligence loyal to the team. The funny part is that they love a certain kind of oil, its like candy to them and they are like a bunch of kids in a room and when let out they have lots of fun. They are strong as tank and tactile with some weaponry to match. I always found them to be interesting characters, and I always like them and since I’m a fan of Batou from Ghost in the Shell they seem to view him as the favorite of the team.

This model is from Fewture, they make some very interesting models and this is one of them. A diecast large size Tachikoma which is very movable and has an excellent finish. The red lights are kind of cool as well, but I’m really happy that I managed to find this model while looking for some Mazinkizer models and I think it looks really cool. I’m running out of space to place these really cool models but I hope to find a solution, I have even kept some in the box in the back of the closet. I was hoping to find a good one of Major Kusanagi and Batou but that will take some searching to find.

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