Fiat 500 Ferrari Edition – Pogea Racing

I just love this car, there is so much about it that is fantastic, it is just a ridiculous piece of engineering. Fiat made a successful car with the 500. Then they came up with the Abarth 500, with is the “M” or “AMG” version of the 500, then they came up with the Abarth 500 Ferrari Edition. I really like the look of this little beast, looks like its going to bite somebody’s ankle off if you give your back for even a second.

Pogea Racing have taken the Abarth 500 and fitting with Turbos, upgraded ECU, and a bigger set of brakes. Giving this very small car a very potent 264 bhp and 243 lb-ft, which is very powerful for a car of this size. Then it looks amazing, just like a small Stradalli, a very menacing package all together. The interior looks just as good as the exterior, what a perfect little car.

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TG M600, LFA, & Fiat in the Cold

Noble is a maker of race bred machines, only to make one very scary 600+ bhp M600. This machine is so mechanically brutal it has no GPS, no Air Conditioning, No ABS, basically nothing that requires a computer to think. You have your gearbox, your engine, and tires to the ground. Even Jeremy Clarkson was genuinely petrified from this machine, and he should be there is no room for mistakes with this machine around the track for 200’000 British Pounds you can get a lot of amazing super cars, but none of them can beat them on the road.

This is the first video Adverstisment of the Lexus LFA, there is so much pride for this machine. Toyota really built this machine out of pride, only 500 will be made and at a loss. I am envious of those who will buy this machine, it will be priced at 180’000 KWD in Kuwait with a waiting list already at 10. It isn’t the most powerful machine available but one of the most technologically advanced machines on the face of the planet.

I am a fan of the Fiat 500 but these women must have froven their butts off in the cold.

Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari

I’m not a fan of small cars but the Fiat 500 is a car which has peaked my interest and this time around they have come up with the perfect vehicle or somebody else has. Abarth and Ferrari have taken the Fiat 500 to the spot that it needs to be, 180 bhp tweaked out of the normal 99 bhp engine, race spec Brembo brakes and 17inch wheels. I really like that they went for the Scuderia look with this machine, I think it would be a hell of a lot of fun on the streets and track.