Review: X-Men First Class

In 1962, Charles Xavier starts up a school and later a team, for humans with superhuman abilities. Among them is Erik Lensherr, his best friend… and future archenemy.

There was a barrage of comic book movies coming out this year, this might end up being the best and the most restrained with CGI . I was excited when they announced another X-Men movie since Wolverine wasn’t as good as I expected even though I liked it. But an Origins movie is tough to pull off since comic book stories are very complex and Batman Begins was one of the few that got it right. Nevertheless, I went into this movie with certain expectations, and they were surpassed. This movie is fantastic. The dynamic of new friends that will grow up to be enemies and seeing how the Xavier school came about is really fun. The film could have spent a little more time of showing why the two men chose such different paths, but thats a small detail that only true comic book geeks like myself will notice, loved the Wolverine cameo. And I especially enjoyed some of the new characters, looking forward to seeing the next iteration of this the new X-Men.

Link: IMDB

X-Men First Class – Trailer

I always look forward to the X-Men movies and this one seems to be a very well worked out movie. This time around they are taking place in the 1960s and tying it up with the American Cuban Crisis and I really like where this is going. I’m curious to see the characters and this clip makes it look very interesting, June 3 is going to be a good day.

Emirates – The Upgrade


Going off on a long trip you always wonder what you have forgotten, I don’t think I have forgotten anything yet. Packed up all my cloths and my carry on for a long trip, headed to the airport with plenty of time. My flight take off time was at 6:05 pm so its before futoor and I have been up since 8 am and hungry as hell. After check-in I wondered why I don’t get a starbucks since I’m hungry but then I remembered I’m fasting. Got to the lounge and I was one of the few non-foreigner sitting in the lounge, I’m assuming most people prefer to travel after sunset. The plane was a little delayed but not too bad, as soon as I got to the gate they took my ticket and slashed the seat number from 9J to 2J, I wasn’t sure why but I didn’t bother. When I got to the plane I found out that they upgraded me from Business to First Class which is great, that hasn’t happened to me in years and I was surprised. When I asked why they said its because of my Skyward Card, I was happy and got comfortable. I was just waiting for the prayer time to break my fast, and as soon as it did I asked for a date and water, then prayed in my seat. As soon as the plane took off the steward brought my food right away since he saw I was hungry as hell, I ate like a starved man, and the food hit the spot before settling down to watch a movie.

Wataniya Airways Diwan


I got my Wataniya Airways mileage card after using it once, it starts off at purple and heads up from there to silver and gold. The best part of overall is that there really is a lot of bonuses with the mileage, other extras such as using the lounge, having a large family with transferable miles and you can buy more miles online. I talked about the card services in detail in this previous post, but right now I’m going to take advantage of it during my trips.

I called and asked, they also said you can claim trips after October 1st, since I have a few round trips I’m going to claim those for these trips. I might have enough to bump me right to silver based on my works trip, I do enjoy when you can really take advantage of these mileage cards. You can easily sign up online with the link below.

Link: Wataniya Airways Diwan