Leftover Shows


I have watched a lot of shows over the past few years, and a few I have just left to watch at a later stage but surprised how much I have forgotten about them. So I have decided a little while back to catch up with all the shows that I didn’t watch back then, even if they are finished or whatever the outcome was I want to finish them.

  • Flash Forward – Gonna finish it soon
  • Heroes – Still at Season 3
  • Gossip Girl – I forgot where I was completely!
  • Friday Night Lights – Stopped at Season 2, even though I liked the show

Flash Forward – On Hold


One of the main guys on the show, David Goyer, is leaving Flash Forward now which has resulted in a hault in production. Most TV shows are now back on, but now we are on hold until March when the shows are supposed to air again. It seems the ABC had a creative difference basically meaning they didn’t like where the TV show was going so the show is on short vacation. I know people are loving the show but the press keeps reporting about all the bad things happening with Flash Forward, doesn’t look like it’s future is safe at this point, too bad I really liked the show.

Link: TV Squad