FlashForward – Done

I’m a bit disappointed this show is done, there was a lot characters and story build up. They got stuck half way through with writers and people changing, the show taking a bit of a different direction. The later episodes got better and better for a hell of an ending, they give you the idea that there is a degree of free will and some part that destiny plays. I think the characters did a great job for a very crazy story, they left you asking questions at the end but the black out did happen. I would really hope they could get a season 2 but that isn’t happening for sure, at least I’m happy I finished the show and was somewhat satisfied with the end, yours always left asking questions but this show ended better then some shows. Mark Bendford and Agent Noh kicked ass until the end!

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TV – The Next Season


There have been a lot of good and bad shows on TV this season, some I’m saddened that they have cancelled. I’m very happy right now with 24, Supernatural, The Big Bang Theory, Fringe, The Mentalist, V, and a few others. Right now these are the shows which have been cancelled and which have been renewed. And on May 21st will be the amazing series finally of 24, now this show will be ending on top.


  • Chuck – I’m happy they renewed this great comedy, it has gotten a lot better this season
  • V – One of the best scifi shows on the air right now, I’m very happy they renewed it
  • Lie To Me – More of Dr Cal Lightmen interpreting people’s looks and reactions to get to the truth
  • Human Target – Cool action Show


  • Flash Forward – I was hoping they would fix the storyline but it just couldn’t make it through
  • Scrubs – One of the great comedies done
  • Better Off Ted – One of the best coporate comedies I have seen in a long time
  • Heroes – It has come to an end, a great show to start then lost me a bit, I will still watch the whole thing though