Lytro – Review

I have been looking forward to getting my hands on the Lytro for a very long since its built on a new type of photography technology, basically allowing you to focus the picture after taking it. I had very high hopes for it be amazing, especially since its very oddly designed, not your regular camera, but I was waiting for some reviews to make a decision, and this is honestly the best and most thorough review I have seen by far. After watching the video and reading at article at the verge I don’t think I will be getting the current incarnation of the Lytro since it has a few drawbacks and limitations which can be overcome over time, so I’m gonna wait for a little while for next generation of this camera before making a purchase. Check the link below for the full article.

Link: TheVerge

Lytro Camera

Focus After The Fact

Now that is something that I like! Focusing into the picture after you have taken the picture, and it is a tiny device that you can carry around with you to take photographs. I have been curious about this camera for some time now and there are two versions available the 16GB ($499) and the 8GB ($399), I’m interested in the 8GB since the only difference is with the amount of pictures it can take. The camera has many lenses built into it so it can take a lot of light information so it can process the focus after you have taken the picture which is a very cool concept. I’m going to get one to try it out, it literally is point and shoot so I’m going to enjoy trying it out for sure. It has two buttons one is for power and other is to snap pictures, and snapping pictures is instantaneous because it doesn’t have to focus. You need the software to focus the pictures but the downside of that is that the software is only available on the Mac right now but Windows is coming soon. For a photojunkie they will love this device, but its not a replacement for a DSLR, not yet at least but the technology behind is genius, and I bet you can come up with some very interesting photographs with it. You can order it now but it will ship in 2012, I’m looking forward to getting my hands on it.

Link: Lytro