Joy Ride

Its videos like these that make me want to ride my bike like Batman, it doesn’t help that the bike they chose is the BMW S1000RR which is one of the most powerful if not the most powerful machine out there, and the way the story is playing out it gives that rider a feel as if he is a super hero. All the footage was done with the new Nikon D800 which will be retailing for $3000. Canon snagged the DSLR/Video market with both the Canon 5D Mark II & the 7D, so lets see how well the Nikon D800 will measure up.

One Huge Swing

I think we have all had our fare share of large swings, but this one tops em all. Tying a rope across this ridge and swing through looks like an insane amount of fun, I keep wondering if anyone would hit the other side but everyone seems to make it through fine. I love how it was shot, the music fits perfectly, their might be other swings out there but this one is especially heart-stopping because it’s right up against the canyon. I have absolutely no idea how everyone isn’t in a hospital bed, but the Go-Pro footage makes me want to get out there and try it myself.