24 – Movie


It seems that 24 is hitting the big screen, from all the high tv ratings it seems that it might do well as a movie. They hired Billy Ray as the screenwriter of this movie, he usually does those very complex stories not the gritty Jack Buaer rips someone’s head off type of story. I’m hoping that the movie comes together as good as the tv shows does, I’m assuming it will be a long movie to get the story across. I’m still not sure how 24 hours will be equated in the movie and it will have high expectations from the fans.

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24 Season 7

First off, this is the best season of 24 that has come out, a mind bending story line. You never know what to expect, you don’t know what is going to happen next. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who is going to read this, its just one hell of a season. They really out did themselves this time around, there were so many climaxes, so many explosions, a conspiracy wrapped within another one. You just can’t seem to predict anything that is going to happen or what else could go wrong that Jack has to fix. The one thing about this show is that there are always sacrifices and this time around Jack lost a good man and friend. I don’t know what to expect for season 8 but I bet its going to be a hell of a season.

Review: Fringe

There have been very few shows that have set itself at the top such as this. Fringe is the best Sci Fi Drama show to air on television period. The characters are very interesting, the storyline is fantastic, you never have a dull episode. Every time I watched an episode I enjoyed it immensely but at the same time I was left with more questions, where was it going, who is in charge, what was going on, what can happen next. The best part is that what ever was happening is usually explained to a degree or is a part of science that can be explained, but such advances in human test subjects that you only here of in secret testing facilities. All this is packed into one hell of a show, the season finale left me wanting more, I didn’t even know it was the season finale until it was too late, what a great ending, I really can’t wait for season 2 to start.

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24 Season 7

CTU is no longer there, Jack Bauer is getting grilled by the congressional committee, a new president came into office, and there is a new threat to be dealt with. The FBI pulls Jack Bauer out to help with their crisis and from the beginning of the show things come in fast and hard. Its Jack Bauer vs. Tony Almeda, its a lot more complicated then that. Everyone is in for a treat this season, it has been nothing short of insane, and you have to watch 24: Redemption to understand all that is going on, its all connected. I think they want a huge bang for this season, I’m just happy knowing there are two more seasons after this one, for a start of season 7 and just seeing the first 5 hours its nothing short of insane.

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24: Redemption

Jack has left the US and now ended up in Africa to keep his freedom. It has been too long not to see Jack in action, there was a feeling of nostalgia and hope when seeing this man. He just wants his freedom after serving his country and making the ultimate sacrifice, but not he wants to keep the only thing he has left which is his freedom. Without his knowledge he somehow gets dragged into something even bigger then before, and even helping these orphans get away from the tyrant has some times to his future. Now just to wait for Season 7 to start on January 11th with a 2 hr or 4 hr premiere.

24 Season 7

I have been waiting for a while now for Jack Bauer to come back on screen. It has been too long and now I just saw the preview to Season 7 and its nuts. CTU has been disbanded and under investigation, Tony Almeda is the bad guy, and you can only see 17 minutes of the preview which gets you going. I don’t know what to expect from this season, all I know is from the rumors and they said this is going to be the best season yet. Its a new fresh cast with just a few familiar faces, but it does look like an interesting cast, I wonder who is the president this time around.

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