38 Hours…

It was a crazy week so we decide to have a rather entertaining weekend. Thursday the guys came over as usual, a little late but still showed up. The point of this weekend was to have a bit of a movie marathon and a really good early morning breakfast. Movies were up for choice, and there were some interesting movies that were picked, and then the point was to stay up even though I knew I couldn’t, I think out of everyone I managed to get the most amount of sleep.


  • Beverly Hills Cop 1984
    • Now that was a great movie, I wish they made movies with simple plot like these. The music was fantastic, you just want to get up and dance, you don’t realize how uncensored those movies were back in the day, and Eddie Murphy was thin!
  • Canonball Run 1981
    • Burt Reynolds and Roger Moore in one movie, with Jackie Chan (His first American movie but he doesn’t speak one ENGRISH word). Its a fantastic movie that every person should watch, we were laughing and enjoying the cars racing each other.
  • Love Guru
    • Funny
  • Casino Royal
    • Bond, James Bond

The first two I saw from the beginning, but the other two I slep through more then 50% of them since they were played throughout the night. There did involved some Battlefield Bad Company and Rock Band in between. And we switched locations since the other place was more comfortable, and I woke up after two hours of sleep and saw 7 guys passed out all around, it was hilarious. Some slept a little more and some didn’t sleep. It was a crazy day, and there was still a lot left to do.

Buzz Ball

Who wouldn’t like to have their own personal roller coaster, the only things you need is a strong stomach and a wide open space.

A pair of electric motors is used to power the BuzzBall, so you don’t need a steep hill to enjoy it, just a large open space. Each motor is controlled by a separate throttle which will either cause the chair to spin inside the ball or work together to push the ball forward. However, once the BuzzBall is in motion and the pilot decides to turn, their seat inside the ball will rotate against the direction of travel resulting in spins, somersaults, corkscrews, barrel rolls and other nausea inducing motions. And just remember, if you do happen to vomit inside the BuzzBall, it’s coming along on the ride with you.

Link: OhGizmo