Doc S

A friend of ours is a surgeon in one of the public hospitals. We all work in different fields, but he has the most insane and entertaining stories. I have to say that I have huge respect for doctors, but not all of them are good. He is one of the good ones, but does deal with a lot of nut cases. I will be posting some of his less graphic stories, some of them are just very shocking. We were talking about the trend of plastic surgery these days, and it seems a lot of women are willing to go under the knife. Then were talking about plastic surgery and this is how the conversation went:

Me: “So how are plastic surgeons in Kuwait?”

Doc S: “There are some really good ones, but in specific places”

Me: “So what can you do as a surgeon usually?”

Doc S: “I will turn you into a SPARTAN!”

The Guys: “Where do we sign up??!?! hahahaha”

Our Sultan Visit

I haven’t been to Sultan Center Salmiya for over 8 years now, I think since Souq Sharq opened up I just go there to avoid the traffic. This time after the Ironman movie we wanted to have another bbq, and we were just exiting Fanar at 6:45 pm. We crossed the street to Sultan Center, we only need to pick up about 2 dozen buns and some minced meat from the butcher.

When you have 6 guys walking into Sultan Center, things don’t usually go as planned. I remembered why I wasn’t the best person for shopping in this type of environment, we went in for one thing and came out with it and a few other items. I forgot about all the cereals that I loved as after getting the meat and buns, I picked up some Coco Puffs, Rice Krispies, and Honey Smacks. I even tried picking up some dumb bells but nibaq kept throwing the dumb bells out of the cart, maybe he was right. I also picked up some Tang, and we were headed in different directions. Then we parked the cart at the escalator and headed upstairs which held a lot of childhood memories, toy section in Sultan was like a Gold Mine. I picked up about 7 pens and another pack of pens since I had lots of pens in my cup at home but most of them were nonfunctional, I even picked up a few tools. By the time we left we had a cart full of things, and still fun to slide on the cart down the isle.
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The Big Bang Theory

For any person with a sense of nerdiness in them this is the show for you. A couple of hyperintelligent roommates/physicists meet a hot blond who moves in across the hall. Their life revolves around gaming, online life, their work, and no interaction with the outside world what so ever, meeting penny changes things and things are tumbling as they step into an unknown realm. Sarcasm is an understatement of this show, the quality of comedy is refreshing to the usual boy/girl type relationships, you can really relate to the guys and the show is funny from episode to episode. You don’t have to follow any of the episodes, just watch it and enjoy.

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The Mustard Incident

The incident took place Friday night at 8:50 pm, Zahed was sitting next to me on the bench. The efforts from earlier in the day were showing fruition, bowls and bowls of meat were arriving to the table. Steaks, Hot Dogs, Burgers, and all forms of meat, we had every condiment ready and many of us were starving.

Zahed was sitting to my right when the burgers arrived, everything seemed normal and some of us were reaching for the buns. Each person was choosing his condiment, some were waiting for others. Zahed picked up the mustard bottle, and I was holding the ketchup bottle. Everything seemed normal but Zahed wasn’t getting any results. I turn to grab something else then a sudden burst of air and I felt something smear me. My right side was covered in Mustard and so was my dishdasha, but that was nothing in comparison to Zahed, if he jumped in a pool of mustard it wouldn’t have covered him as much. He was covered from head to toe in mustard, and we were all bursting out laughing, I still don’t know how that happened, and I don’t care. It was funny as hell, he cleaned up but we continued to enjoy the excellent food and great music. Perfect night for a bbq and a mustard explosion.