The Wallee – iPad Wall Mount

There are lots of iPad addicts out there and I know I am one of them, you want it everywhere, in your bedroom, living room, office, kitchen and even your bathroom. I always wondered about mounting the iPad to the wall with some information for me such as temperature, or the music playing on the system, or any other information presented on it. Until now there wasn’t a simpler mount then Wallee, you have the case on your iPad with multiple mounts in your kitchen, office, bedroom, and even outdoors next to your bbq if you’d want. The Wallee uses a patented wall plate with locking “X” that you can put almost anywhere and a hard protective shell for the iPad itself. I purchased four mounts and two cases since I want to install it in a few places to present information for me or play back family pictures for me. This is the perfect simple mount, and its very clean with a just one draw back is that you have to drill into the wall to install the mount but its small and I don’t mind seeing. If you are looking for a mount then this is the mount for you.

Link: TheWallee

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Moto Art – KC-97 – Fuel Cradle Desk the B-29 Bomber

Moto Art specifically make furniture out of Old Planes, from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. Basically whatever they can get their hands on from these old school planes. They take a fuselage or an engine or a tail piece, they some how manage to turn it into a piece of furniture. I do love their style and they have done an amazing job with this piece from a B-29 Bomber. The problem is the price that comes with these pieces, since they have to go to the airplane scrap yard to get it and its not cheap, so something like this would probably be between $10’000 to $20’000 but I still like the way their furniture look, its original and can’t be copied.

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iPad Chair

The moment I saw this it reminded of the command chair on StarTrek The Next Generation with Captain Jean-Luc Picard on the Starship Enterprise. A very comfortable chair with a very capable command console aka The iPad, everything at your finger tips and you don’t lose the use of your cup holder. Everything at your finger tips including controlling your home theater system through the Crestron, Control 4, or Home Logic systems, or even controlling a Starship if needed.

Link: TheDesignBlog

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HumanScale Freedom Headrest

I have picked up my chair back in 2004 and it has served me very well, but has also been used and abused. I have been looking for a comfortable office chair which can tilt the head, back, and arms without issue. After looking around it seems that there aren’t seats which are as good as what I have.

Now the Humanscale Freedom headrest has all the options I’m looking for, with the back support, moveable arms, moveable headrest. I like it to be cloth and able to move up and down, and lean back a lot so I can relax and watch shows on the computer, and lean forward and work when I need to. It start out at around $1305 and goes up with all the options, and I got mine up to $1600 with all the options. After looking at all the different possible chairs, this looks to be the best, not including all the systems they have for a personal or corporate office that I like. I will be taking a look and Humanscale when I do some remodling.

Link: HumanScale

Secret Stash – Hiding Items in UnSuspecting Areas

Now this is fantastic! I love the idea of “Secret Stash” taking the advantage of daily items to hide objects and items in plain sight. This is like modern James Bond secret areas, you can hide your other passport, cash, secret documents in furniture and daily use items. I have always wanted to have a secret storage area, or a hidden wall or room, something of that nature to have in my house but these pieces of furniture in the video are fantastic.

This project is about concealing valuables, secrets, bad habits and personal information in our workplaces. Here, hidden spaces/ messages were created within 8 general objects such as wood boards, lamps and disposable coffee cups. We make judgments based mainly on our experiences and what we see. This dependency on visual information can create large blind spots. Thus, usual stereotypes of how we perceive solid, transparency and lighting are employed in this project to play with notions of ‘solid and void’, and ‘true and false’.

Link: Freshome

Pottery Barn @ The Avenues

Now this was a surprise that I wasn’t expecting, I went to the Avenues to pick some Pinkberry since its been a long hot day. I completely forgot that they opened up Pottery Barn in the Avenues so I decided to go check it out. I know that in the states its in almost every major mall, and a few other locations as well but I always loved Pottery Barn. Half of my furniture in my apartment in the states was from Pottery Barn and the other half was from Crate and Barrel. As soon as I walked in I got this odd feeling, something I liked but I wasn’t sure what, I got reminded of my old apartment and I missed it a lot, I just love going back to the states as much as possible.

They built the Pottery Barn store in the first half of the Avenues right next to Zara, and it is a pretty good size. Right away there is a large selection of items and you don’t have to follow the arrows on the floor like Ikea to find your way out. Its built on 2.25 Floors, and the layout is very easy to walk around, a lot of nice things to see. The furniture is all spread out, you have normal living room furniture, dining room furniture, outdoor furniture, plates, throws, and a lot of other accessories. What I like about Pottery Barn is the amount of accessories that they have and all the different kinds, I’m not too fond of their couches even though they look really good. Pricing is a bit on the high side, just as it is with The One in Marina Mall, but I’m assuming that the pricing will drop in due time for the major furniture items, and some items are pretty reasonable. I took a walk around the area and saw some interesting items, and lots of people buying items from the store.

*All Pictures were taken with Google Android Nexus One

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Petiole Hammock


I’m a huge fan of hammocks, I always like laying on them, when weather permits in Kuwait. There are a lot of cool hammocks out there, but this is the coolest and most industrial looking one yet. Its built by hand in Sweden and takes to four to five weeks to make, looks like a half circle and two people can lay it in comfortable. It directly mounts into concrete and supports 250 KG perfectly, the shocking part is that it costs as much as a car at $35’000 but this is the price of a hand crafted piece of industrial art.

Link: Awesomer

Cool Movie Wall Decals

There is always something to make a room a bit special, and for every movie fan goer I think this would be the perfect addition to any room. Cool movie wall decals from rEVOLV3r Apparel, in probably all the ideasthat a person could have, from Marlyn Monroe to Pulp Fiction to Transformers. Their movie wall decals can fit all the different tastes, I really would want to have that Decepticon decal or Optimus Prime on the wall, I have this love for those big robots . The decals are made from high quality vinyl and are touted to last “virtually forever” indoors, while outdoor use has a 5 year rating, rEVOLV3r also ships worldwide. I like how some of these decals/stickers feel like street art rather then stickers, they have this spray paint feel to them, I think the Pulp Fiction is the coolest out of the bunch.

Link: Etsy rEVOLV3r Apparel

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Envision – Home Theater & Automation Company

Places such as these in Kuwait are far and few, I was invited to the soft launch of a Home Theater & Home Automation Company in Tilal Complex. I didn’t have very high expectations, but the staff asked me to pass by during the soft opening and to say my expectations were blown out of the water is an understatement. When you walk in you have 6 areas with their displays and different setups, such as dining room, outdoor area, living room, bed room and a few variations.

The setup was very nice but I’m not one who really gets impressed by just some pieces of equipment wired up nicely, what I like is the thought process that was put into designing the way they are setup and the products they choose for indoor or outdoor use. And what I liked the most is the knowledge and understanding of the people, it isn’t your run of the mill electronics store, these guys knew about sound resonance, sound deadening techniques for home theater rooms, the right equipment for the right needs and surprisingly for the shine and show their prices are reasonable. They even had some nice Optima projectors which had amazing blacks and I enjoyed watching Live Free or Die Hard. They had a very interesting home automation system which integrates with your iPod or iPhone which the they were using, not just the panels on the wall.

The home theater rooms were fantastic, they had three rooms, one was very nice with the sound and visuals, one was amazing and the third room just completely blew me away with the 9.2 setup meaning ( 9 Speakers & 2 Sub-Woofers which shook the room like an earthquake). I loved that they were showing off the highest end home theater with the Matrix. There were a few tacky things that I didn’t like but I wasn’t there for the taste in furniture, they have an amazing store and I hope it is successful and everyone should check it out to at least see some of those theater rooms with the ridiculously comfortable seats, I didn’t want to get up but there were other people who wanted to see so I had to get out of the room after forgetting that I wasn’t there to watch the whole movie.

Tilal Complex Mizanine close to the Cafe
Tel: 2482 6846

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Meneghini Refrigerators

Meneghini refrigerators and freezers are best described as Italian Antique Modern in aesthetics, with brass handles and hinges, glass shelving, and various other pleasing details like portholes and clawfoot legs to distinguish themselves from their utilitarian counterparts.

I never thought that I would refer to a fridge or freezer as sexy but I have now. Meneghini have designed refrigerators and freezers that can flow with an type of furniture, and almost any type of funish you are looking for. This is probably the ultimate fridge a man can ask for, and a starting price of $10’000 its surroundings must match this unique piece. It seems to be made by an Italian Designer with German manufacturing for its freezer and fridge internals.

Link: Unplggd