Corner Frame


Now this is a fresh look to a normal product, there are so many types of pictures frames it rare to see something new. This is the Corner frame from Photojojo, you can put all sizes of pictures in it. I think it just presents them so uniquely, it holds 12 pictures of different sizes and I think it would look good from a set of pictures from a vacation or an outing.


Link: FreshHome

Spotlight Desk

A simple very appealing piece of furniture, no complications with this desk. A desk like this would be in an area where I wouldn’t use my computer, some to write rather then have your computer sit on it. A desk like this makes me want to draw or write, or sit there with my laptop until the battery died. It would also need a cool chair to complement it. A large 58″ x 28″ to lay all your paperwork and items, I would have another desk as the computer desk and this is the brainstorming desk. 

Price: $500
Link: UnCrate

Shelving Grids from Mobileffe

I have a strange obessession with shelves, I love having shelves and organizing everything into those shelves. Mobileffe is an Italian furniture company which makes these high quality shelving system, and since its Italian it probably comes with a nice tag price. I do like how they have different shelves to fit different needs, from normal shelves, to entertainment system shelves, all the way to full wall libraries.

Link: ApartmentTherapy

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Herman Miller Mirra Chair

There are always different office chairs available ranging from 10 KD to 1000 KD, all depends on what you want. I just look for comfort and how much I can lean back while staying in the seat for long periods. The Herman Miller chairs were known for their comfort, keeping your posture, functionality, and simple good looks. Once they came out with the Mirra chair as their next generation flagship chair it took off, and for good reason. I think it has a unique design with a mesh back that makes it comfortable to sit in for long periods, and looks good too.

Price: $700
Link: HermanMiller

Icon 6 Shelf Audio Tower

When you have a lot of A/V equipment you run into two problems, one is wiring, and the second is heat. I’m always in the look out for well designed and functional no frills A/V furniture and this piece by BDI fits the bill. You can place all your A/V equipment, A/V receiver, Blu-Ray, XBox, Media PC, or anything else you have on those shelves. Each shelf supports 50 lbs with the top most supporting 100lbs.

Link: Unplugged

G-1 Pool Table

This is probably the coolest pool table I have ever seen, and the most fragile from the way its built. It has the pockets and ball return system of certain pool tables made from steel and glass, but to have something like this in your house would cost you as much as a car.

Price: $29750

Link: Uncrate

Pacman Seating

Creative materials to make the pacman furniture, and you can customize it completely to your liking. This is probably the coolest retro furniture I have seen in a while. Who doesn’t have fond memories of Pacman and chasing after the ghosts that were trying to kill you a minute ago.

Link: CribCandy