G Reader – What Has Happened!


Google Reader is my favorite RSS Agregator out there, my source of information, an organization to all the chaos that faces me on the interweb and now they ravaged it, Google what have you done. I feel like it has been stripped of its powers now longer in control of itself, an autonomous portal on the web. They wanted to streamline their products and at the same time killed off one of its best features, sharing with your friends. There are some people that I always share with on GReader that I don’t socialize with them online, always showing interesting topics that I might not have seen. I’m a fan of Google Plus but doesn’t mean everything has to be shared through, make it an option, not mandatory!

What I Dislike Severly About it:

  • No More Friend Shares
  • The Monochrome Colors On The Left, I Want My Colors Back
  • Feels like its flat

Google Reader Pile Up


Taking some time off the internet has left my Google Reader pile up to a readiculous number. I think at this point it has easily gone northwards of 7000 articles to catch up with. Some article I skim through and some I actually read, and I really don’t like hitting the “Mark as Read” button so I end up taking the time to go through them or at least scroll through them. At this rate I think it will take me two to three weeks to catch up with all the articles and its a hell of a lot. I really wish Google Reader had a more descriptive tag then “1000+” so that I know I really am making a dent in some of these feeds, for some sense of online accomplishment. I’m just going to have to keep pushing through until I get under 1000.