Flow Wall System

Two things I love the most about homes, its Garages & Organization, I love seen a clean well designed garage, it tells me the owner of garages is a lover of machines. Whenever I would see celebrity homes on MTV Cribs I just wanted to see their Cinema Room & Garage. Something has to be said for a well design garage with all the tricks to make it that much cooler. With this system everything just looks so well organized and designed, I would not want it any other way with it. Also I think we can all agree that Bruce Wayne has the coolest garage period.

FLOW WALL® System is a modular wall storage and organization for home and workspace. Get your stuff off the floor and onto the wall: neat, organized, and easy to find when you need it. Create personalized storage space anywhere and get your life in order. Simply combine FLOW WALL® Panels and Storage Accessories for a customized storage solution.

The best part about it is that it is relatively well priced for the products, for about 500 KWD you can get a great set of cabinets and well area organized in the garage. I have seen storage items for garages in Kuwait and they do get a bit expensive. But with this it works nicely, I wish this was available in Kuwait, and if I was building a tool area I would get this storage solution for it, it would make the garage look that much cooler.

Link: FlowWall

Dubai 2009 AutoShow

We went for the car show weekend, didn’t know what exactly to expect their but I was really looking forward to it. We went to the convention center bought our tickets and walked in, starts off by the modified vehicles area, motorcycles, and ATVs. The variety of the machines was amazing, so many amazingly tuned cars, they looked really good, and some very very ugly machines as well, tasteless, the best part was seeing so much in real life. The SLS looks better in real life then I expected, the LFA is a beast, I wish they had the normal version rather then the racer version. I liked the organization of the whole expo, from car modifiers to car manufacturers, there was a simple pattern to it. I was surprised not to see Chrysler or Lamborghini or Honda there, and they had some new cars too so I was expecting everything, but they really must have a tough time not to show up. I know that I will be looking forward to visiting it again next year, click below for a ton of pictures.


  • Mercedes SLS
  • VW Scirocco
  • Fiat 500
  • Ferrari California Hamman Edition
  • Chevy Stingray Concept
  • Toyota Landcruiser Extreme
  • Mercedes ML 63 Barabus
  • Subaru Sti
  • Benley Mulsanne
  • Lexus LFA
  • BMW M1
  • Cadillac CTS Coupe


  • Aston Martin Rapid
  • Bugatti – All the Models

Be careful when you click this post, there are over 100 pictures to see, but so many nice cars :)

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Black & Decker MSW1000 Ready Wench

I tend to tinker with mechanical items, I like to put things together, and when you have this habit you always have to have a set of tools. And new to my small tool set is this new Black & Decker Ready Wrench, it is the most useful tool anyone can have, I don’t know why they haven’t made this before. There are limitations this wrench of course, such as the depth of the bolt but other then that this is a high quality multi-purpose wrench.

The rubber hand piece is really useful especially when your hands is a bit oily or wet, I like the metal tools because they are easy to clean but this is easier to grip. It has the general metric sizes which has made me use my single pieces less and less, its easy to use for general purpose even though sometimes it doesn’t have all the right sizes. One thing is that sometimes the bolt isn’t a perfect fit, with 11mm it fit the edges which might cause it to around off the bolt if it wasn’t a solid bolt but the possibility is there. Overall its a must have for any tool box.

Link: Amazon
Price: $30

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Gear Up

While I was driving two weeks ago in the Landcruiser a sudden whining sound started, when ever I stepped on the gas. I knew something was wrong but I didn’t know what exactly and luckily I was close to home.

The odometer was at 154’000 Kms and I recently did the 150K service a couple of weeks back so I’m surprised something went wrong. I thought it would be a minor issue and would be resolved quickly. Dropped off the car at Al Rai Toyota Service on Wednesday, they said Thursday is a half day and I have the car back on Saturday. I thought that would work out fine for me. I got a call early Thursday morning with a list of items and a quote of 450 KD, I was about to start shouting on the phone because he basically wanted to replace the gear box and other items in the car. I told him that you recently did a 150 K service and supposedly checked all these items, I argued with the guy on the phone for about 15 minutes and told him that I will be passing by in the afternoon before they close. Got in by noon and the guy had a different tone, and the Egyptian manager was trying to explain. I told him I will pay for wear and tear such as replacing the clutch, but items that should have been checked at the 150 K service is something they will replace but I won’t be paying for it. After making me wait for about 30 minutes, I had the original parts list and told them they are going to replace all that they listed, and they came back to me with a 340 KD quote which is a huge difference.

They started working on the car on Thursday, but I didn’t get it back until Monday because even when I picked it up on Saturday it seems nobody bothered to do a road test drive because the huge whining sound was still there and turns out it had nothing to do with the gear box. Once they fixed that the car has been driving like it was when I first picked it up 10 years ago, the gear box felt solid and the change smoother, not so loose as it was before. Al Sayer service is probably the best in Kuwait, but sometimes you do have to get into an argument.

Parts Replaced:

  • Front Axle Assembly
  • Clutch Assembly
  • Bearing Kit
  • Boot and Cover Assembly Kit
  • Bushings
  • Front Shocks Seals
  • Radial Kit for Shocks

TAM Auto Engineering in Dubai

Went to Dubai a couple of weeks back and took the opportunity to check on my car at TAM Auto Engineering. As usual they had a lot of sports and race cars parked outside, not including what was inside their garage. I was shocked to see they had the KTM X-Bow sitting right in their entrance, my first impulse was to jump into the car and drive right off, if only the keys were in the ignition. As usual I found the team of people working side the garage, and the owner Moataz is under the hood of one of the cars from early in the morning. You have to love a garage where the owner of the place is working on the cars with his team under him.

There are so many different types of cars they are working on, and the funniest part is that they are fixing the work of other garages in Dubai. They are known to be brutally honest with the customer, and that is a very rare quality. I found out about them a couple of months back, and after looking into their work and a few people’s cars they worked on I couldn’t wait to get the Beemer there. So the plan is install and tune the Motons for my car, then I made a few other requests from them to tweak the car a bit while its being track tested, also asked for a Dyno since I have never dynoed my car after all these modifications.

Craftmenship such as this is rare in the middle east, hopefully they continue this level of service. They were even fixing an MTM Audi R8 which was smoking like crazy, and a one month old Hennessy Dodge Viper which had burnt out wiring. Then there was the monster of a Z06 which was turned fully into a race track car, also a beautifully restored 1967 Chevy Chevelle. Just so many cars, and the garage was pristinely clean and that reflects greatly on the team and company.

Link: TAMAutoEng

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In & Out of Dubai


Made a decision on Friday to go to Dubai for about 24 hours, it was decision on whim since a friend of mine was already there. I wanted to go check out the garage that were working on my car as well as get a bite to eat. Then there is the the idea of going to a late night movie to check out Fast & Furious, which keeps getting great reviews.


Their prices are pretty reasonable as well I found First going to Dubai and Economy returning the next day, all for the price of 120 KD which is great compared to other airlines, all of this for the ease of flying on Wataniya.

GulfRun – Three Weeks and Counting

I literally only have a few days left until the wheel starts for GulfRun and my car has been in the shop for three weeks and counting now. At first it went in for some repair and they replaced the parts, then I brought some parts to be installed and my ECU had to be sent out to the states, and I got it barely on Thursday and the garage only operates as a half day on Thursday. There are two things left and I have to get it done literally in 24 hours or I will be missing the carwash event which is a bummer! But still going to push for it and hopefully it will get done.

Items Left:

  • Road Test with all new items installed and newly programmed ECU from the states.
  • Weld work for the exhaust pipe to install the new pipe which eliminates the resonator.
  • New body parts which will make the care lighter (ultimately cooler).

This honestly has been a hell of a lot of fun, I want to hear how the engine sounds like and how its going to move but I’m really cutting it close at this point and I have ordered the parts over months ago. I have learned a lot from this experience and now that I know I won’t repeat those mistakes. I especially want to try out the new big brake kit, they are huge so I’m hoping to able to stop on a dime at this point.

Link: GulfRun

Ducati 1098/s Recall

A recalls are always an issue with any manufacturer, the problems are the ones that try to keep it on the down low. I found out about the recall just recently from the states, so I thought it would take a couple of weeks to trickle down to the MIddle East, but I was wrong. Within a few days I was contacted by the Tristar Garage, asking if they could take my bike for a recall procedure. Its about one major part which is the rear sprocket, and two other minor things. I am impressed they are taking care of it right away and honoring the recall. I have heard a recall on the Suzuki GSXR1000 but I know for a fact the Dealership in Kuwait did nothing about it, people just replaced the parts themselves.

Link: Visordown

Craftsman 1470 pc. Professional Tool Set

The holy grail of all tool sets which would make any man slobber at the mouth for this Craftsman 1470 pc. Professional Tool Set ($8,600). This massive collection includes a garage full of tools, including a 300 pc. Base Essentials Set, 198 pc. Professional Essentials Set, 189 pc. Specialized Essentials Set, 204 pc. Advanced Access Pro’s Set, 106 pc. Advanced Professional Tool Set, 89 pc. Specialized Access Professional Tool Set, 83 pc. Ultimate Fully-Polished Ratcheting Set, 77 pc. Heavy-Duty Mechanic’s Set, 94pc. Auto Specialty Professional Tool Set, and 130 pc. Professional Impact Set. You need the right tool box for these types of tools, I wouldn’t mind getting that sort of tool box for it.

Link: UnCrate