300 – King Leonidas Helmet

300 is one of those movies that will leave a mark on any man’s life, its become a right of passage for many men. Ever time I see this movie I’m still in awe of King Leonidas, he feared very little, faced his enemies when they were only 300 against hundreds of thousands. So when I saw this statue of the helmet of 300 and shield as the base I had to have it.

I picked it from a store called The Nobel Collection in Dubai Mall, their prices are reasonable as this is around 72 KD, for a full bronze helmet, shield and sword of 300. In my case I’m missing the sword since I was so happy I got it I took it in with me as a carry on and so security took the little sword, I wasn’t thinking straight at the time. So they took the 12 cm Bronze sword and left everything else, they were rather reasonable and decent at security but I still have this amazing helmet and the quality of it is fantastic, solid bronze piece.

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Sights Of Athens

Athens was one of the most interesting cities I have visiting in a while, wasn’t expecting it to be like this. I managed to visit the historical sites, just a few not all of them, as well as the sea side locations. What surprised me is the Greeks themselves, I was expecting them to be like the Turkish to be a bit on the rougher side, and I know that Turkish people don’t like Greeks. I was completely wrong, they are very friendly, easy going and completely easy about a lot of things. I remember tipping the main person for seating us in a packed restaurant and the man refused because he said he didn’t do anything, it seems that tipping is not expected in Athens so when they are, they are extremely grateful which is a nice change. A lot of people speak English and those who don’t go out of their way to help.

I enjoyed visiting some of the historical locations but I know I want to do it again. The Acropolis was amazing with a fantastic view, the Parthenon was fantastic, I have never seen something so majestic and beautiful, I am thankful that the Greeks make a huge effort to maintain these monuments. At the same location was the Temple of Athena as well as a few other monuments and the large stadium below. It was a clear day, and easy to walk up such a beautiful view of Athens from the top.

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Eating @ Plaka

At my last day I wanted to walk around in the old city, so my friend took me to Plaka to walk around and he said he knew the best Kabab place in all of Greece. You go, you sit, you eat, you leave, you don’t even order they don’t have anything on the menu but kabab, tzatziki, and french fries. We walked around for a bit, after 10 minutes we got to the location, and some words were exchanged between him and the guy in front of the place, and switch to perfect English welcoming me to his restaurant.

We sat down and the food came out in less then 5 minutes, he even cut a piece of kabab, top it with tzatziki and I tried taking the fork he slap my hand down and fed me the piece of kabab. I burst out laughing, he said this is how it is done in Greece, I loved the place, he was stopping every person walking and talking them into his restaurant, he was fantastic and hilarious. Service was great, people were flying around us all the time, I would ask for a coke and one other person would be on the way bringing it right away and the place was pretty big. It was more like a meat factory, and it was all kababs and lots of people kept on coming, this was the perfect meal before getting on the plane. Tzatziki is a special blend of yoghurt, cucumber, garlic, and red pepper, the taste of it worked perfectly with the bread and kabab. I just keep wondering why I haven’t been to Greece before this, I want to visit here when I’m not going for work.

Streets Of Plaka

Old streets always have something to tell you, some of these streets are hundreds of years old and you can feel it when walking around. Plaka is the old city of Athens, so much to see, so many old colorful two story buildings around the area. I enjoy areas such as this, I can spend all day walking around here. Greeks are a happy people, and they love cafes, I kept walking there for over three hours and the same people kept sitting at the same cafe’s with more cups of coffee on the table and some sweets.

After walking some time I could feel my stomach start grumbling. The weather was perfect, cold and sunny, so Speeros told me he would take me to the perfect Kabab place to get a bite to eat. I honestly got lost from so many turns we took, luckily he knew these streets like the back of his hand. I was surprised to find the ancient ruins in the middle of all this, and its a large plot of land, nothing small, its fantastic seeing places such as these.

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Athens By Night

This is my first time visiting Athens so I take the opportunity to snap pictures even though it is late at night. I got in with a cab driver, asked him where I can take some nice night pictures, and he asked how long do I need, and I said as long as he needs. He took me for a very nice tour around the city, he was a very nice man, he asked where I was from and said that he knew a lot of Saudis and said that Kuwaitis used to come a lot to Greece before the Gulf War but not so much anymore. What surprised me is the friendliness and kindness of the Greeks, a majority of them speak English and those who don’t were very helpful to find someone that does.

It was a nice feeling walking around the city, and driving around at night seeing all these interesting spots. We went to Glefadah which is a nice beach area to snap pictures of the port area at night, then he took me to the parliment building, when I got back to my hotel I can see the acropolis and snapped pictures of it at night. It was 1 am on a Monday night, and I could still here the hotel bar two floors above going, I learned that Greeks do enjoy their nights out, every night.

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Dogs in Athens

I had a quick trip to Greece for a day and half, with some meetings the first day and my flight back the next afternoon. So I took the oppurtunity to walk at night and snap pictures, and next morning to head to the Acropolis. There is a lot I have to say about Athens and Greeks, I wondering why I haven’t come here before, but what astounded me were the dogs. There are so many dogs and stray dogs in Athens, and a huge majority of them are treated very nicely. Take a look at this full list here of the best CBD products to treat your pets. Visit this site for more information.

Greeks are very humane to most animals, but they are very friendly to dogs. At first I thought a lot of dogs belonged to certain people but that wasn’t the case, these dogs would just tag along with people for a bit then head back. I saw this at the parlaiment building, and then again when I was heading up to the Acropolis the next morning. Its a beautiful city with so much to see, so many areas, and very nice people. All these dogs were very nice, you could easily approach them, some had collars and it seemed they were dogs of a certain location and people were nice to them, it was really nice to see that, there were a lot of jolly dogs.

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