Review: The Green Hornet

Britt Reid (Seth Rogen), son and heir to Los Angeles’ largest newspaper fortune, is a rich, spoiled playboy who has been happy to maintain a direction-less existence. When his father James Reid (Tom Wilkinson) dies, Britt meets an impressive and resourceful company employee, Kato (Jay Chou). They realize that they have the resources to do something worthwhile with their lives and finally step out of James Reid’s shadow. Kato builds the ultimate weapon, The Black Beauty, an indestructible car with every weapon imaginable and Britt decides that in order to be heroes, they will pose as villains. With the help of Britts new secretary, Lenore Case (Cameron Diaz), they learn that the chief criminal in the city is named Benjamin Chudnofsky (Christoph Waltz). He has united all the gangs under his power, and he quickly sees that the Green Hornet is a direct threat to the prosperous criminal underworld he controls.

Its been a while that I have seen a good action comedy and it has to come from Seth Rogen. A cool car with a mix of martial arts and the right dose of Seth Rogen attitude made for a very good film. I wasn’t expecting it to be this funny and still have a slight serious tone to it, so you can take the bad guy seriously as well the screw up super hero. Britt Reid is not your typical super hero and the story of the Green Hornet isn’t an exact match but this is what I a call a good entertaining modern adaptation and I really enjoyed it.

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Bruce Lee’s ‘Green Hornet’ Screen Test

This screen cast brings back memories, there is no man on earth that isn’t a fan of Bruce Lee, every Martial Artist after him could never surpass what he did. He brought martial arts to a new level, that exceeding normal expectations, and his speed is amazing in the video. Jackie Chan is a different kind of martial artist, a lot of people compare Jet Li to Bruce Lee because of his speed, but even in this Screen Test Bruce Lee is extremely cast. What surprised me honestly is his grasp of the english language and your talking about 50 years ago which is a different time. What’s also funny is the man refers to them as “Orientals” which could be considered political incorrect in these times, and that old man kept moving after Bruce Lee made his move. For such a short life he has had an impact on the cinema and martial arts world that nobody could compare to.

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Green Hornet – Trailer


Ok I wasn’t too sure about Seth Rogan as the Green Hornet, but just watching the trailer it looks pretty good. Kato used to work with his father and now has to work with the son who is a party boy (Seth Rogan). Now the movie seems to have some good action packed into it, and comedic twist with Seth Rogan, even though it looks like Kato is doing all the punching. I like that they have brought it to modern times with a retro look, its going to be a fun movie.