Griffin Helo TC

Rule the office airspace with HELO TC, the touch-controlled RC helicopter you control with your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

Griffin make the most interesting and convenient accessories for Apple Products, I wasn’t expecting them to come with helicopter controlled by your IOs device. And for $50 its very cheap and fun, you get to control it with any of your devices, through touch or tilt, I would prefer tilt.

Link: Griffin

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Griffin iPad 2 Intellicase

When I first got the iPad the first thing I wanted was a decent case so I automatically checkout Griffin to see what they had, and they had a nice selection of covers, and I did the same thing when I got the iPad 2. But with the iPad 2 it seemed that a lot of manufacturers were having difficulty putting together a decent and functional protective case, I didn’t want just a sleeve or something fashionable, I wanted a case that would make it easy for me to watch shows and movies on my iPad 2 in any situation and protect it while I’m moving. The magnetic case from Apple sucks cause it keeps falling off and their have been a few situations where the iPad ends up falling on my face, and thats not good.

With the Griffin Intellicase your iPad 2 is held securely in place and you can place it in a standing or sitting position based on your viewing needs. I for one do love Griffin products because they are made with functionality and quality in mind.

Link: Griffin

Review: iPad Griffin Standle

I think at this rate there are over 100 cases for the iPad if not 1000 but I was looking for something specific. I didn’t want a notebook or sleeve type case, I wanted something with decent side protection and a stand so that I can place on a table or couch to watch shows. When I saw the Griffin case I knew it was the perfect case for my use, I bought it while I was in the states and I have using it everywhere ever since. I can easily hold the iPad while walking around, or toss it in the car, always ready to be in use and I don’t have to worry about it with this case, it doesn’t slip off the seat while I’m driving.


  • It can stand vertically or horizontally
  • Can easily slip in a bag
  • Buttons are easily accessible
  • For $50 its an excellent product
  • Rubber pieces on the back provide traction when its flat on the table
  • The horizontal piece can be used as a handle, or a way to prop up the ipad and it has a locking mechanism to keep it up which is very useful
  • The vertical stand is very simple and stable, works great for AirDisplay and if you want to use the iPad as an extra monitor


  • No Screen Protection
  • Adds a little bulk to it

Link: Griffin

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Griffin Loop

I have looked at a lot of stands and very few offer the flexibility of the Griffin Loop. You can have the iPad in the portrait or landscape mode, and if you just want to read you can lay it on it since it have a comfortable incline to read from. I like how it has a lip that you can also lay it on an incline in portrait landscape mode and read and type comfortably, the nice part as well is the soft nonslip rubber outlining the whole cradle helping the iPad to sit securely and you can charge while its on that stand as well, an excellent stand for $30 which is a pretty good deal.

Link: Griffin

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iPad Accessories


Right off the bat I would get the Griffin stand, it looks comfortable, solid, and simple to use. Griffin make quality accesseries for Apple products and this is no different, made out of Aluminum and a non-slip rubber surface to hold the iPad in vertical or horizontal mode, the charging point, speaker, and buttons are obstructed with this design. Overall for $50 is very nice.


GelASkin have some funky designs but out of them all this is my favorite, I really wanted something with the Japanese Flag for some reason. Its provides the right type of protection without making it bulky with an outer shell.