GulfRun 5 @ The Track

One of the best GulfRun’s yet all compressed into a few intense minutes, again my hat goes off to NegativEffect for doing such a great job with this video. The best part for me was watching some of those guys drift, the guy with the ISF took his car to the extreme and that car can really drift. The Z4M did an amazing job on the track as well, some interesting surprises there. I really had fun at the autocross but I started drifting instead of trying to get a good time. So much done in an intense few days, I can’t wait for the next one but I need to improve my driving skills to get better on the track. The Vimeo version is the same but in better quality, I tend to like Vimeo more because of the quality but here is both.

Link: GulfRun Blog

GulfRun 5 – The Car Wash

At last the videos are coming up! I knew some videos were coming but I wasn’t sure what video was going to be released but I really like this cool video. It looks better then how wet and messy it got, they did a really good job of detailing those cars. I really liked how my M6 came out, too bad we can’t keep our cars like this all year long the police wouldn’t let us drive at all with those on. They were really shuffling through the cars, jumping from one to the other with all the different stickers and positions, some of those cars looked really good.

Link: GulfRunBlog

Back from GulfRun


I think that I’m out of breath from all that has happened in GulfRun, I got really busy with it last week. I didn’t even have a chance to check my emails over a week or anything online, and I was immersed with all that is GulfRun and I loved every moment of it. So much was going on during the day, going out at night and passing out exhausted and waking up early in the morning.

So many ridiculous machines and excellent drivers with lots of surprises, I think this is probably the best year I have seen with so many people. Lots of people came on Thursday but on Friday the whole area was packed full of people, kids, families, friends, and so many people just walking in. I loved going to Aadliyah at night to go get a bite to eat with all my friends, I have been driving around Bahrain enough that I have figured out most of it but the internals of Manama get me all messed up and if you get caught in traffic there is no way out, you are just going to have to wait it out.

We stayed at the Banyan Tree which was fantastic, just 5 minutes from the track and very relaxing and as usual our villa was over flowing. The villa limit was at four people but we went more then double that and we couldn’t stop laughing. The weather went really cold by Wednesday which is surprising but good for all those who had turbos. The amazing event was the drifting for me, seeing some of those drivers going nuts was fantastic, especially the ISF and the Z4M. The 995 Gemballa did an amazing job as well, so many surprises this year.

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GulfRun 5 – Loading

Meeting up and heading out isn’t a very simple process, with so many guys who are itching to take off in their cars. We met up at Tilal Complex in Shuweikh, it had the largest amount of parking spots which would be decently empty in the afternoon. We were expecting about 10 to 15 cars to show up when about 30+ cars show up, I knew it was going to be an interesting drive to Doha with this many cars in row. Luckily we had a few SUVs with us that were helping us block off the roads, some times there can be a bunch of maniacs on the road but that went smoothly enough.

The loading went very smoothly, four different trailers filled up completely with all the vehicles, top and bottom. You can check out the list of cars over at the GulfRun Blog, now that looks interesting, some very mean machines are coming to the track. People seem to be more prepared for the track this year then any other year.

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GulfRun – 360 Car Show

GulfRun @ 360 Mall was one the best car shows that I have seen in Kuwait yet. The number of assembled cars was fantastic, a number of interesting machines in the show, my favorite being the Porsche 995 Gemballa, that is a true racer, a monster of a machine. I like it was separated, I was thrown on the German side next to my twin sitting next to my M6, looks like its going to be an interesting race this year with such a variety of machines.

The machines I worry about the most are those Mitusbishi Evolutions, they are machines to be feared. The way they look has no indication of what can be under the body, some can be monsters at 600+ bhp and others can handle like go carts. Then there is that Nissan GTR which looks really good in red, I’m curious what the Mercedes SLR is going to be doing on the track against all these machines, then there is the other 20 cars which weren’t at the car show since they were getting worked on.

The booths were filled with some sponsors, the most active being Wataniya Airways with their airline staff handing out the Diwaniya Membership program, then Wataniya Telecom, Huperoptic had an interesting stand with all the types of tint, then there was Dent Xpress who were catering to all their customers. I was at the GulfRun booth taking some t-shirts for keeps for later, and I go my hands on the hoodie that I wanted. I talked to so many people over those two days I lost my voice the next day. I can’t wait until 360 Mall opens all it’s shops, it is taking some time, I’m assuming that they will all be open by this summer at least. Thanks to (Bassem @ Wataniya Telecom for the photo)

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GulfRun 5 – Car Wash Sneak Peak

Time has flown by and we are almost at GulfRun, I had my car done with some very impressive cars in the mix. Some very scary cars in the mix as well, I’m asking some of the GulfRunners which is the most insane cars and there is this Evolution MR which is looking very mean and not including a few surpises at the track in Bahrain. The sticker sizes are based on a predetermined pattern from types of sponsors and the size of it, and real estate available on the vehicle. Wataniya Telecom being the largest as the Title Sponspor, followed by Agility, Consolidated Contractors Company, Dent Xpress, and Wataniya Airways as Platinum Sponsors, then Al Sawan Travel, Credit One, and Slider Station as Gold Sponsors on all the vehicles, lots and lots of stickers all over the cars, and some of them look really good.

Now some of these machines are going to be on display at 360 Mall on the 15th & 16th of January, this weekend by the ramp and main reception area. Then there is the raffle tickets for the GulfRun Vespas, I really want the black one because it looks really good and all proceeds go to Hayat Cancer Foundation. I’ve heard of a few of the sponsors who will be at the Car Show in 360 handing out special items to people at the show, I’m honestly curious. I know one hting is that I will be trying out a lot of restaurants at 360 this weekend thats for sure, maybe throw a movie into the mix.

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GulfRun 5 – Trailer


The more I see these videos the more hyped up I get about GulfRun 5, I want to get on the track right away. I remember those pits, the garages, those turns, I can’t wait to get on the track. GulfRun 5 seems to have changed a bit to a 3 day event in Bahrain not including the Car Show taking place in 360 Mall on the 15th & 16th of January. The Car Wash is taking place on the 14th of January @ Al Falah Car Wash.

There are still details we aren’t aware of for the track and the car show, things are still quiet and now we know the sponsors for GulfRun 5. Its great that companies such as these support GulfRun, some are new and some keep supporting them year after year. I think I’m getting too excited even thought its a month away, I’m still waiting for the spare parts to arrive.


  • Wataniya Telecom

Platinum Sponsors

  • Agility
  • Consolidated Construction Co.
  • Dent Xpress
  • Wataniya Airways

Gold Sponsors

  • Al Sawan Travel
  • Slider Station

GulfRun 5 – Teaser

Things are getting all worked up at this point, people are getting their cars ready and this teaser comes out. What I can see is the Lotus 211 and the Caterham’s in the video, those machines stick to the asphalt like glue and take off like bullets. This year there seems to be some developments taking place during GulfRun 5, going to be a little bit more then last year, and more developments with the track.

From the trailer you can tell the dates are a little bit more then what it was so I’m going to enjoy that extra time. The Car Show has been confirmed for 360 Mall on the 15th and 16th of January with Cars being exhibited on the outside ramp as well as the main inside hall, this is going to be nice show of the racing breed. Check out UpTill1 for more detailed information for GR 5.

I can’t wait for it, the wait is like an itch which is driving me nuts. And NegativEffects keeps making these great videos, I do enjoy when I see quality Kuwaiti talent doing things like this.

GulfRun – Paradoy

We really liked the GR ad and decided to come up with a parody! No offense intended. We really appreciate your hard work and effort. Good Luck to all GR5 drivers may the best win ;)

I laughed my head off after seeing this, I think its a couple of girls who put together this very funny Paradoy of the GulfRun video. I think the footage was done in a school parking lot, loved the baby powder and the music choice is great.

GulfRun 5 Coming Up

I have been waiting for this for some time now, I got a text message and I saw the update on my google RSS Reader. GulfRun 5 is coming up in January 2010, that does give me enough time to plan out a few modifications I have in mind. They also mentioned a few different things coming up, I’m curious to see what else is going to be coming. I really want to rip that track apart again, and I have a few ideas in mind, I’m anxious to get behind the wheel and go nuts, getting it all out on the track is perfect, and I’m also curious about the people coming in this year. Last year the Mitsubishi Evolutions were the scary monsters, they were anything but civil, Auto Cross, Drag, Inner Circuit, and GP Circuit they were always on the top 10 or top 5. Just even remembering the whole thing it was a hell of a lot of fun.

Link: GulfRun

(Picture stolen from GulfRun Blog!)