Halo Anime – 5 Mins Of It

I think they went down the right road to turn Halo into an Anime, to tie up the rich storylines together between all that the Sergeant has gone through. This is a five minute clip of the anime and I’m happy to see that they are doing it justice, and the Spartan is shown as the bad ass that he is, can’t wait for the whole anime to start coming out. Even the noises of the little grunts getting killed sounds the same, I’m planning to watch it in Japanese with Subtitles rather then with English dialogue.

Halo ODST – Live Trailer

I have preordered this game a long time back, but I don’t think I’m getting the special features because I’m ordering it through Amazon. But check out the live trailer they did for Halo ODST it gives you a real feel to the game, I really do hope they come out with the movie soon. The funny part are the “Red vs. Blue” Episodes about how the normal Halo players are afraid of the ODST players. I think we might have a chance with ODST but still get are asses handed to us.

Games to Check Out for 2009

Batman: Arkham Asylum – XBox 360 – Aug 28 – This is probably the first Batman game I ever looked forward too.

Halo 3: ODST – XBox 360 – Sept 22 – Its Halo, I have to try it, I bet there are going to be some surprises.

Borderlands – XBox 360 – Oct 23 – Four person co-op FPS shooter with RPG character upgrades, seems interesting

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – XBox 360 – Nov 10 – I enjoyed the first one so I bet this one is going to be better.

Assassin’s Creed 2 – XBox 360– Nov 20 – The first one had heart but was lacking a few points, so I’m assuming the developer improved upon it with this release.

Hours of Halo 3 Online!

 I still play Halo 3 and so many people play, but you don’t realize how much until you put some numbers to it. 1’000’000’000 multiplayer game (4 player) has been played but the crazy part is the amount of time played to reach that number of games. It comes to 2,023,153,340,764 seconds to complete, which adds up to 64,000 years. I will still keep playing Halo 3 for a long time until I master it and be able to snipe people while sticking people with grenades and flying through the air.

Link: Kotaku

Micorsoft UK & Halo Wars Marketing Idea

It seems Microsoft UK has gone down an interesting road in its PR campaign for Halo Wars. A little skin of the “Biggest” Halo fan in the UK with a Halo Wars tank top isn’t the smartest thing in the world. It seems a well planned PR campaign went down the drain, and its not that men won’t like this but they aren’t giving gamers the credit they deserve, some skin doesn’t even sell more games, its the content and the quality of the game. You would think they would know that from Gears of War, Gears of War 2, and Halo 3 which are still chart toppers and keeps people playing XBox 360. For more on the entertaining article click the link below.

Also I think it would be good if Amanda would hold the controller to the screen, at least make her look like she knows how to fire a rocket launcher or stick a grenade to the enemy!

Link: UKResistance

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Halo Wars

It has taken a while, but at last they have come up with an approximate release date for Halo Wars. February is the month that this Strategy Game will be released and there is a limited edition version with all the goodies. I will probably get the limited edition version since I do love all that is Halo, and they have really worked on this strategy game to give a fluid fit for XBox 360 gaming. Usually you can only really play strategy games on PCs because you have to multitask and using keyboard shortcuts is very helpful, I wonder how they are going to make it for the console. I can’t wait to get my hands on it, I don’t want any delays on this game.

Link: Halo Wars