Ride 2 Save – Annual Ride


This is the second year running for the Ride 2 Save event brought by Dar Al Shifaa & BMW Motorcycle Club. We went last year to the event with over 150 riders of different kinds donating blood and saving many lives. I know that I will be attending the event as last year, hopefully even more riders will show up. Donating blood is a very important issue in Kuwait as not every blood type is readily available and many lives depend on the availability of blood at the blood bank. I hope many people join this event this coming Friday, and looking for a big turnout.

Date: Friday 20th November
Meeting: SHIIK Resort parking On Gulf Rd Bedi3

  • 2.30 pm Start of Registration & Blood Test
  • 4:00 pm police escort from the resort To Hospital

The Thalassemia group also will be there to welcome all bikers and thank them for saving their lives by donating blood @ Dar Alshifa hospital all donors will donate from 4.30 to 7.00 pm and Beverages will be served @ Parking of SHIIK then the same @ Dar Alshifa Hospital

Harely Davidson is hurting, Dropping Buell and selling MV Agusta

Things aren’t so great with the Big H.D. they have had to take some thought steps to go forward. Their sales are down and it seems they are looking to cut costs and become more liquid. Buell just hasn’t fared so well over the years even with the best effort put forward by them, H.D. just held them back. With MV Agusta they are already trying to find potential buyers in the market to take their stake in it. All this is a bit of a shock from Harley Davidson and the motorcycle industry will be affected, MV also have a new motorcycle to unveil so I’m curious as to how its going to look.

Link: Autoblog