Private & Public Hospitals

Over the last few years there have been incidents where I have had some interaction with private hospitals from normal cases to emergency cases which could be fatal. There is a lot that can be said about Kuwait’s medical system, one simple thought that comes to mind is that it is that we are lacking hospitals. And a few private hospitals have popped out but they aren’t as good as people have in mind.


When it comes to serious cases in Kuwait they always go to the Public sector, they have really good doctors and there are that people that care. It is sad seeing people get caught in the bureaucracy which is rampant in the public hospitals they end up not getting the medical treatment that is needed. Then there is the lack of professional care, half the recovery is after the surgery or when you are in the case of the nurses and in the public hospitals the employees are slightly disgruntled or do what they can with what they have.

What we need is some new hospitals and a drastic cut in the bureaucracy, our hospitals are in disarray and badly maintained with patchwork keeping it together. The same person cleaning the bathrooms is the same person serving the patients food which is a disaster. For country such as Kuwait it sad to see the state of these hospitals even when our doctors are really good. We really do have good doctors but sadly they get disheartened and we loose some of them who become prominent doctors in Europe, Canada, and the US.


There are a few private hospitals that have popped over the last few years and some of them are decent. But what I always feel about private hospitals is that they are trying to squeeze every penny out of you, not necessarily trying to rob you bling but a bit going over board.

One very drastic problem with private hospitals is that they will not accept dangerous cases or accidents which has happened with me personally. I was taking someone in who had a severe head injury and was refused entry by security at the door even though he was covered in blood from his head to his waist. I put him back in my car and flew to Mubarak Hospital who took him in right away and got him into surgery.

Then there is the drastic lack of equipment and expertise in emergency or complex cases. They all say they have emergency rooms or floors but in reality they don’t have the adequate equipment to handle them and this we have also experienced. There has to be some sort of oversight by the government to make sure they are ready for all types of cases which they are not. They might have nice buildings, clean areas, and smiling staff but still they aren’t equipped for every type of issue.

Out Of It


The last week I have under the weather and feeling that I’m losing energy, and wake up with a sore throat and lack energy. The last week and the next few weeks are filled with work and a lot of other preparations, and the last thing I need is to get sick. I didn’t want to take antibiotics as I want sick yet so I started taking effervescent vitamin C with a bottle of water in the morning, even though I want to take it twice a day since it tastes pretty good but the directions state once a day. And I have been taking Nice Lozenges where ever I go and that has helped but its been a slow process, it seems everyone is getting some sort of virus these days. I’m still trying to operate at full throttle but I didn’t jump on the bike this weekend since I felt that I like the energy and the concentration, and when I riding I need to be at my best to ride and I didn’t want to make a mistake so sleeping in was a better choice. One of the highlights though of the weekend for me was going to Ace Hardware and luckily the have a new stock of Craftsman and Stanely tools which I enjoyed purchasing a few. I’m loving the weather the last few weeks, I can just do with out the dust, I don’t mind it raining either, I think we could use a good rain.

@ 95.8 and Standing!


It has been a about 10 days at this point and I think that my body has somewhat adjusted to my eating habits. I have cut back significantly with my eating habits but not as strict as before. I have just dropped around 1 kilogram over a week and I’m honestly eating comfortably, still keeping to small quantities but not completely cutting myself. Now at this stage I think I should seriously start working out but that initial step to go to the gym is just so damn hard, I just keep coming up with excuses not to go and then I say its just too late to go. So I have to break this cycle and start moving a little more. My main goal is to able to enjoy some water sports during the summer so I really need to strengthen my biceps and chest to be able to wakeboard at the beginning of the summer.

What I’m Craving:

  • Chocolate Fudge Cake
  • Coldstone Ice Cream
  • Watermelon
  • Four Cheese Pizza
  • Slider Burgers

4.1 and Going!


After a couple of weeks since cutting off soda and cutting back on food I have almost reached the firs stage, then I go into another phase. I dropped a little bit more then 4 KGs, and I’m almost below the 100 KG mark at this point. Its been a few weeks of holding myself back, there have been times where I wanted to deviate from the diet and stuff myself silly but I have managed to hold on strong. I have had several weak moments craving food and wanting to eat more, there is a big difference between not being hungry and being full. I’m still eating all the types of food I want during lunch but the quantities are 1/4th of what they used to be and at night I try to eat light, some salads or fruits depending on what I feel like. Eating light during lunch gives me the capability to get up and do other things after lunch instead of going into hibernation mode, but I do get hungry quicker. Whenever I feel hungry I drink a small bottle of water so that I don’t think about food, I know I love food but you know its bad when you have dreams about it. There are days which I eat more then others but overall this hasn’t been too bad.

Smoking Sheesha is that Bad

I’m the type of person that really hates the smell of cigarette smoke, I detest it, I’m the guy that enforces non-smoking at work and at home and if friends are over. Sheesha is just a whole other category, and the producers of the tobacco out of Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Saudi, and Kuwait are not regulated for any healthy regulations at all such as cigarette manufacturing companies, not that those are better either. Sheesha is a whole different matter all together, the smell of a sheesha makes my stomach turn, the stench at those cafe’s makes me dizzy.

There is very little research about the effects of sheesha on one’s lungs but now BBC has published some interesting information about Sheesha being more damaging to people then heavy smokers of cigarettes. High levels of carbon monoxide can lead to brain damage and unconsciousness, and that results from cigarettes and sheesha but with sheesha its a lot higher concentration from one session. People have this misconception that its safer since its being filter through the water but that isn’t really the case. Strangely these days there are more and more women smoking sheesha then before, for Lebanese, Egyptian, and Syrian women its more a norm but lately in the Gulf you see more women smoking then before which is surprising. This is even happening in Western Cities such as London, New York, Los Angles, San Francisco, San Diego, and Miami, all these new Sheesha/Hookah bars popping up all over the place even with the smoking bans in place, permits can be acquired. It isn’t nice seeing a girl smoke a sheesha, and for me seeing a girl smoke a cigarette is a huge turn off, there breath would stink afterward, and a lot of guys have the same opinion, pretty much anyone who smokes and has that smoker’s breath is disgusting, and covering it up with perfume just isn’t really working.

(Couldn’t help the picture though)

Link: BBC News

FCUK Bodywash

I’m a simple creature of habit, especially when it has to do with these types of items. If I find something that I am comfortable with I will stick to it completely. I found FCUK make bathroom items for men for a while now and I have to say that I am happy with their product line, I get really annoyed with changes but thats what I am facing with Boots Kuwait and FCUK. FCUK are making some product changes, but Boots seem to be struggling in Kuwait so they change their products very often. I remember when they first opened it was a huge wall of mens products and over time it has shrunk to a few shelves shoved to the side. Now they have recently changed their product line for FCUK and I picked up the three variations, all seems pretty good, the thinner one is better for travel but the shorter and bulkier one smells nicer so I went with the shorter one. Men are simple, if they like something they stick it out, quit changing the product lines.


I have been eating almost nothing the past couple of days running around taking care of all the GulfRun. The one thing I have been trying to figure out is where to eat good salads. Sometimes you just want to order a good salad to enjoy it even though some of them might not be the healthiest but its still lighter then a normal meal. After trying a few places this is the list of places that I have come up with that have good salads.

  • Tobika (Mozeralla Salads)
  • Casper & Gambini (Greek Salad)
  • Pizza Express (All Salads)
  • Maki (Miso Soup & All Salads)
  • Wasabi (All Salads)

These are the places that I have tried and I love the salads from Wasabi and Maki, they are light and very tasty. Pizza Express has a very nice selection of salads, and Tobika has a unique selection with their cheeses which tastes every good. Casper & Gambini have decent salads but are over priced.

About 1 KG

Last week was an interesting diet of fish and sushi every other day, all bran for breakfast, and half a sandwich for dinner. It wasn’t a bad diet, I was honestly happy about this diet, I could try a few different things and I was really enjoying the sushi. After one week of this and working out only two days the past week I only lost 1 kg, and so the Doc said that carbohydrates have a dramatic affect on me so this week he gave me a severe diet which feels horrible compared to last week, and I am finding this be very funny.

  • Breakfast: 2 Fruits
  • Afternoon: 3 dates
  • Lunch: Salad & Grilled Chicken every other day
  • Dinner: Salad only

At this stage I have dropped a solid 8 Kgs which is great, but I think is pretty good and I have 17 Kgs to go. But another 10 Kgs and I think I will be doing pretty good. I have been working out the past couple of weeks but I think a little too much weights, but I tend to enjoy weight traing a lot more then cardio, I can feel the pain the next day, the good type of pain around the muscles.

Revenge for a Week

Another week has gone by and I have done pretty well for myself. I stuck out the whole diet except for one day. I might have a salad and a few shrimps, or taboulah with hummus to change all the damn salads I had for dinner all week look.

Saturday I felt like having Chinese again from Wok Master, and I ordered a nice combination of items and a few of my friends showed up. The best show to watch is honestly The Big Bang Theory, its just so damn funny. I proceed to place items on my plate, and I just kept eating. I was making up for the whole week of not eating much. After finishing I was so full I literally could not move, I was in a state of near explosion for a long period. We watched a movie and the pressure was slowly coming down. Overall I have been happy with the progress in one week with diet and exercise I managed to drop a solid 3 KGs, and in one sitting I think I ate it all back. I’m going to be hitting the gym a little harder this week.

The Drop



It has been an interesting 11 days since this whole fiasco started, my intention is to lose weight and now I’ve started to feel it. After about 6 days I lost 1.5 KGs, and now after 11 days I have dropped from 102.5 Kg to just under 97 Kg which feels good. I didn’t really feel the weight lose as much as I don’t feel as hungry anymore. I don’t eat much through out the day. and I don’t get that hungry. I tend to eat small meals, and at this point I get about 35 mins of excercise a day to burn some energy. Some days I didn’t excercise instead I went riding for over an hour and half, and the weather is fantastic these days. I hope I can keep this up and my target is to get to the 80 Kgs, one big difference is that sleeping light does feel good, and since I don’t have that much energy in me I pass out early.