VW Behbehani VIP Service

My friend was driving home in VW R32 and just as he was about to get onto the highway he hears a loud boom, and a hard slap, he pulls over and the tire was basically ripped off the rim. It’s around 1am on Thursday night close to Fahaheel Expressway as he was heading home, he was trying to think of what to do but didn’t bother calling us to help him. He remembered that he had a VW Behbehani VIP service, so he called them to check what they could do for him, they ask if he was ok, and said the tow guy will be with him in 10 minutes. He looked at the jack kit for the VW R32, and its a complicated contraption to put together in the rain so decided to wait the 10 minutes. The tow guy got there in 10 minutes, which is a miracle in Kuwait, his phone rang again and the call center was asking about the tow guy.

He got there and within 10 minutes put on the spare tire, and he told him he will take his rim back to Behbehani, replace the tire for free, and check the rim for any structural damage from the savage burst. He drove home and the call center called him again to make sure he got home, this whole event took place in less then a 30 minute period. Next morning the same tow guy called on Friday, brought the rim back with the new tire and installed it on his car. Now that is fantastic service, my friend hasn’t had his car a year yet and this is a service that he pays only 6 KD per year for, and they offer only for the higher end VWs. So its the R32, R36, Phaeton, and probably a few other high end VWs but I’m not sure which ones are included in the service, but if you a Jetta or a normal fleet car then you aren’t eligible for the service. My first question was whether I could subscribe to the service even if I don’t have a VW, I would pay 60KD a year for service like this. I don’t even know if they offer it for Porsche, but its great that Behbehani has service such as this available to its customers. They have a fleet of 40 tow cars all over Kuwait from Doha all the way to Nuwaiseeb, stationed in all corners of the country so the tow trucks can get to you quickly. It would be nice if Luxury vehicle dealers would learn from them and provide a similar service such as this, I hope they keep up the great work.

Envision – Home Theater & Automation Company

Places such as these in Kuwait are far and few, I was invited to the soft launch of a Home Theater & Home Automation Company in Tilal Complex. I didn’t have very high expectations, but the staff asked me to pass by during the soft opening and to say my expectations were blown out of the water is an understatement. When you walk in you have 6 areas with their displays and different setups, such as dining room, outdoor area, living room, bed room and a few variations.

The setup was very nice but I’m not one who really gets impressed by just some pieces of equipment wired up nicely, what I like is the thought process that was put into designing the way they are setup and the products they choose for indoor or outdoor use. And what I liked the most is the knowledge and understanding of the people, it isn’t your run of the mill electronics store, these guys knew about sound resonance, sound deadening techniques for home theater rooms, the right equipment for the right needs and surprisingly for the shine and show their prices are reasonable. They even had some nice Optima projectors which had amazing blacks and I enjoyed watching Live Free or Die Hard. They had a very interesting home automation system which integrates with your iPod or iPhone which the they were using, not just the panels on the wall.

The home theater rooms were fantastic, they had three rooms, one was very nice with the sound and visuals, one was amazing and the third room just completely blew me away with the 9.2 setup meaning ( 9 Speakers & 2 Sub-Woofers which shook the room like an earthquake). I loved that they were showing off the highest end home theater with the Matrix. There were a few tacky things that I didn’t like but I wasn’t there for the taste in furniture, they have an amazing store and I hope it is successful and everyone should check it out to at least see some of those theater rooms with the ridiculously comfortable seats, I didn’t want to get up but there were other people who wanted to see so I had to get out of the room after forgetting that I wasn’t there to watch the whole movie.

Tilal Complex Mizanine close to the Cafe
Tel: 2482 6846

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Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 4

When I see something from B&O I’m usually expecting a ridiculous price tag and this time around I wasn’t wrong. For a $112’000 you can be the owner fo the new BeoVision 4.

A 103 inch screening weighing in at 580 pounds and a base of 600 pounds with a screen that can lower itself to the floor to cover with the center with dual gas shocks. Its nothing short of insane what B&O have done with this system, they do have nice screens and equipment but the price just isn’t right, if you opt to mount your screen on the wall that alone reduces the price by $20’000. One thing B&O always gets right they tend to build some quality products and they do look good.The BeoVision 4 is built to order with a waiting period of four months, I’m assuming a structural engineer has to look if your room can take the weight of the equipment.

Link: Luxist

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BattleStar Galactica Case

I have seen some computer case mods in my time, but this one takes the trophy. Runway lights on the top for the raptors, the laser cut BSG emblem in the front and you can see the disc spinning. The small LCDs so you can see the radar system and whats going on. Its nothing short of an amazing effort, and probably the best I have ever seen, I’m still in awe of this case. From the looks of it, its going to take off, check out the videos after the break.

The Specifications:

• EVGA nForce 590 SLI motherboard
• AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ CPU
• Two EVGA GeForce 8800 GTS graphics cards in SLI
• 4GB (2x2GB) Crucial Ballistix Tracer Red DDR2 800MHz
• Cooler Master 850W modular PSU
• Pioneer slimline slot loading DVD drive
• Logitech G15 keyboard and G9 mouse
• IZ3D 22″ 3D monitor
• Western Digital RaptorX 150GB HD (x2)
• Swiftech pump, blocks
• Black Ice Stealth 360 radiator
• PC Ice clear fluid
• Primoflex red tubing
• 10″ LCD
• 2.5″ LCD (x3)

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Voodoo’s Envy 133

I have always been a fan of high end PCs, and Voodoo sets a very high standard and with that comes a very high price. I wasn’t sure what HP wanted to do with Voodoo since they bought it, but it seems the track is clear, and the Voodoo Envy is the result of that collaboration. This is not meant a gamin PC but as a high end luxury business laptop, and it has more features then any other laptop I have seen of its size. It is developed and made by the Voodoo Business Unit which is trying to branch out with the non-gaming system.

  • You can boot up in VIOS (Voodoo Linux) or Vista depending on what you want to do.
  • Circular touch with Proximity Sensor, it switches off when you are using the keyboard. (To avoid cursor hop)
  • Ethernet connection is through the power adapter which also acts as your wireless accesspoint for the laptop if you disconnect the power plug
  • Ship with two USB ports, one which doubles as an eSATA jack, and an HDMI pot. Every Envy 133 ships with an external drive
  • Carbon Fiber Casing
  • 13.3 inch backlit LED screen
  • 3.45 hours of battery life
  • Wireless 802.11 ABGN + Bluetooth
  • Proessional Backlit Keyboard
  • Slightly thinner then MacBook Air 0.76 inches, the Envy is 0.70 inches

Price: $2100

Link: Gizmodo
Link: Voodoo

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Review: Vexille 2077 Isolation of Japan

Plot Summary: In an alternate 21st century, Japan’s scientists has perfected the art of biotechnology and robotics, its benefits extending the lifespans of all humans. However, the United Nations deemed the advanced technology a dangerous threat and started strict surveillance on Japan. The government of Japan refused to abide by UN’s demands to halt research, in the year 2067 left the UN and isolated itself visually and communically. Ten years later, an American special forces unit by the name of SWORD, led by its female commander named Vexille, are sent to uncover the current status of the isolated Japan, after the country begins its plan to move. The shocking secrets they find will shock the rest of the world.

This animation picks up when Japan isolates itself from the rest of the world and they are producing the most powerful weapons. Countries don’t want to cross Japan so they play by the rules to make sure they receive the latest weapons. The SWORD team starts seeing what DAIWA (Japanese Weapons Contractor) is doing and they don’t like but they don’t have the support of their government. They go into Japan blindly only to discover something shocking. The animation is nothing short of exquisite, the music is all based on Paul Oakenfold which keeps things very fresh, the action is non-stop and you can’t help enjoying this action packed CG anime.

Link: AnimeNewsNetwork