Hooligans On Ice

Water scares me when I ride because hitting the ground isn’t pleasant, and snow isn’t something I want to think about. But this guy is stunting on snow with spiked tires, that is something that I can’t even think about let alone try. I wouldn’t mind trying it out if I can get my hands on a bike like that, the fall doesn’t look too hard!

1000RR on Ice

BMW Motorcycles have been trying for the longest time to reinvent their image from being an oldies bike to an off the wall machine for any place or time, and I think with their current line up I think they have it covered, its no secret that I am fan of the K1200R but they have other interesting machines and one of them is the 1000RR. But what the BMW Engineers have done is insane, making custom made tires with studs and testing out the machine. I’ve never seen an ice burn out but there is a first for everything, then he is flying down the ice lake. I was curious to see him take turns with the machine, and those stubs look like the Beemer is ready to go to battle.