Star Trek in 45 Years!

Today is the 45th anniversary of the greatest space opera TV show of all time, and is celebrating with a cool infographic showing key moments in the first 45 years of Starfleet — as well as space travel in general.

Having all the information on Star Trek all on one chart, I love everything about Star Trek I can’t wait for the Star Trek 2 the movie, and I hope they come up with a new TV Series. Star Trek Enterprise was the last TV Show and I loved it, a great story with fantastic graphics. I love these infographics!

Link: iO9

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5 Levels of Inception *SPOILER*


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For those who haven’t seen the movie, don’t read this infographic, but if you have then this puts inception into perspective. You have the breakdown of how they deployed the dreams, how they navigated, and that there always has to be someone dreaming it. It takes a pretty creative mind to put this whole script and idea together, Christopher Nolan knew what he was doing, and its a hell of a confusing concept but the infographic helps clears things up.

Link: GeekTyrant