Do.Re.Mi Shower Heads

This three-showerhead shower is a contemporary, eco-friendly design by architect Paolo Bertarelli that seems perfect for your modern bachelor pad. The shower has three functions: rain, whirlpool and full dual blow.

I am one those people that love showers, the first thing I check whenever I walk into a new hotel is check their showers. And recently I have been doing some minor remodling and shower heads can get very expensive from 200 KD up to 1500 KD, just for the shower head at Art Casa in Sun City. Now this set looks very interesting, the right kind of pressure for a comfortable shower. I prefer using the shower head then the shower hand, it just feels more comfortable. Now I wonder how much these shower heads would cost.

Link: LuxuryLaunches

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Cool Movie Wall Decals

There is always something to make a room a bit special, and for every movie fan goer I think this would be the perfect addition to any room. Cool movie wall decals from rEVOLV3r Apparel, in probably all the ideasthat a person could have, from Marlyn Monroe to Pulp Fiction to Transformers. Their movie wall decals can fit all the different tastes, I really would want to have that Decepticon decal or Optimus Prime on the wall, I have this love for those big robots . The decals are made from high quality vinyl and are touted to last “virtually forever” indoors, while outdoor use has a 5 year rating, rEVOLV3r also ships worldwide. I like how some of these decals/stickers feel like street art rather then stickers, they have this spray paint feel to them, I think the Pulp Fiction is the coolest out of the bunch.

Link: Etsy rEVOLV3r Apparel

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