The Wallee – iPad Wall Mount

There are lots of iPad addicts out there and I know I am one of them, you want it everywhere, in your bedroom, living room, office, kitchen and even your bathroom. I always wondered about mounting the iPad to the wall with some information for me such as temperature, or the music playing on the system, or any other information presented on it. Until now there wasn’t a simpler mount then Wallee, you have the case on your iPad with multiple mounts in your kitchen, office, bedroom, and even outdoors next to your bbq if you’d want. The Wallee uses a patented wall plate with locking “X” that you can put almost anywhere and a hard protective shell for the iPad itself. I purchased four mounts and two cases since I want to install it in a few places to present information for me or play back family pictures for me. This is the perfect simple mount, and its very clean with a just one draw back is that you have to drill into the wall to install the mount but its small and I don’t mind seeing. If you are looking for a mount then this is the mount for you.

Link: TheWallee

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iPad Games – Updated 08/10


AirAttack HD

For the regular arcade airplane shooting game then this is your best choice, lots of upgrades, different kinds of enemies with a nice fast pace. Its the perfect game to play for a short time you want to kill, great graphics and lots of fun plane upgrades to work with, and when you stop in the middle of stages you can continue later which is great.

Time Consumption: Short


Highborn HD

If you like fantasy turn based games where you have different characters to fight for different reasons and you have to make sure your troops are positioned stratigically then this game is for you. Sort of like Might & Magic but much much simpler and pretty fun, I have had my frustration when I lost a few times but still a lot of fun and you can kill a lot of time playing this game.

Time Consumption: High



Simply put this is the iPad version of risk with multiple maps and its a hell of a lot of fun. The concept is the same, you want to take continents to build troops and attack others. For some reason I keep getting my butt handed to me, the bots always know how to position themselves to beat me or the odds are really against you with the dices so I think there is some cheating going on but maybe I’m just not that good yet.

Time Consumption: Medium