Sonos iPad App

Sonos is the best premiere music system that you could ever want, integrates with almost everything, Rasphsody, Sirius XM Radiio, Rhapsody, Pandora, and all other music services. That doesn’t include it’s great music integration with iTunes, all your playlists, with album meta data and album covers. Now Sonos have released their new iPad Application which is amazing on the iPad, full integration, control of every aspect of this system. I have one in my room and on in the diwaneya, I like listening to music whenever I’m working on something. The Sonos Application is fantastic on the iPad, its very smooth interface and excellent integration. Sonos is a bit slow with advancement at times but when they release a new product or software it’s always a solid and excellent product. If you don’t have the Sonos system you really don’t know what you are missing out and the iPad application is an amazing addition to this music system.

Moleskine Covers for iPhone & iPad


At last they have heard the calling of so many people, they are coming up with covers for the iPhone & iPad. I already registered to get notified the moment its available, I do love my Moleskine and take it every where with me, and try to write notes about anything and everything. Now that they have a combination iPad & Moleskine its going to be perfect to carry around everywhere, and just have something to write and note, just the perfect combination of low-tech & high-tech. Now we just got to wait.

Link: UnPlgged

iPod Wall

Concepts like these are really cool, putting together an animated design acting as tiled photo display on 20 iPod Touches. This would be considered an expensive animated tiled imaged but still very cool, whats great is they took the concept and programmed it to output this into 20 iPod with one controlling iPod. It’s not very hard but still not easy to design a program such as this, but I love the idea. The wood part I would be able to do but the programming is out of my league.

Link: UnPlugged

Dance Playlist – 07/10


I’m a big fan of dance and lounge music, I always try to get a good mix together for long drives or just listening to while staying at home. This the last few songs I have managed to get together, the problem is that sometimes you hear them but they aren’t released yet for sale and are hard to find, but always some good songs.

0710 Playlist:

  • Late Night Alumni – Empty Streets (Haji & Emanuel Remix)
  • Late Night Alumni – Finally Found You (Max Vangeli Dub Mix)
  • Lawrence – In My Head (A.R. Remix)
  • Samantha – U-Turn (Giuseppe D. Tune~Adiks Mix)
  • Jason Derulo – In My Head (Wideboys Club Mix)
  • Hyper Cursh – Keep Up (Tony Arzadon Remix)
  • David Guetta – Time
  • David Guetta ft. Kid Kudi – Memories
  • Rihanna ft. Demarco – Rudeboy (Remix)
  • 3OH3! ft. Kate Perry – Starstrukk
  • Morgan Page – Strange Condition (Inpetto Radio Edit)
  • M’Black – Heartbreak (Radio Edit)
  • Calvin Harris – You Used to Hold Me
  • Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina – Stereo Love (Extended Mix)
  • Train – Hey, Soul Sister(Karmatronic Radio Edit)
  • Charice – Pyramid (Dave Aude Club)
  • J Brazil – Girl I’m Tryin (Play & Win Remix)
  • Inna – Don’t Let The Music Die
  • Romain Curtis & Seamus Haji – I’ve Been Looking (Seamus Haji Vocal Mix)
  • Delerium – Dust In Gravity (Sultan & Ned Shepard Radio Edit)
  • Noel G. – Can’t Stop (Carefree Club Mix)
  • Madonna – Human Nature(Live)
  • Black Eyed Peas – Rock That Body
  • BT – Suddenly (Cicada Mix)

iPad Usage

The iPad mania is still going on in Kuwait and all over the world, and I have to say that Apple has a breakthrough product. There are a few drawbacks that would make this the best product period, but right now it doesn’t have any competition. I use my iPad daily, it has gotten me hooked with several applications. The only biggest flaw is that you can’t move data inside applications to and from your main PC, so your iPad gets filled up with data from inside applications, you can’t back-up or move, you can just delete. The battery lasts a decent time but it takes so damn long to charge, if you kill the battery completely it takes over 4 hours to charge fully which is insane. But I can’t stop using it, its so easy to take around and I can carry so much content with it.

Best Applications:

  • AirVideo – Streaming Videos
  • Marvel Comics – A selection of Marvel Comics
  • NewsRack – RSSFeed
  • Sorted – To Do list
  • Dropbox – Extention of the online application
  • GoodReader – Enables you to read all types of documents & spreadsheets
  • AngryBirds HD – Addictive online game
  • Scrabble – The old school board game
  • Shazam – Gives you the name of any song by listening to a clip

iPad Usage:

  • Reading Comics – 40%
  • Surfing The Net – 22%
  • Playing Games – 12%
  • Watching Shows/Anime – 18%
  • Other Applications – 8%

Playlist 05/10…


Every few months I always put together a new playlist to drive and ride to, this the list of songs which are the top of the last few months plus a few unknown songs which are really fun to listen to and just fun music. It really is a mix of music, probably something for everyone in this list. Luckily I got jump started by Ananyah’s original list then expanded a lot on it, out of 50 songs I took about 15 songs and added another 25 songs since her mix was more RnB tailored, I wanted something that was a little bit more upbeat or intense. The songs with stars ** are the songs that I really like and the more there are the more I like it, don’t mind listening to it again and again.

May 2010 Playlist:

  • B.o.B – Nothin’ On You (ft. Bruno Mars)
  • Rihanna – Rude Boy ***
  • Ke$ha – Blah Blah Blah (ft. 3OH!3) **
  • Taio Cruz – Break Your Heart (ft. Ludacris)
  • Kevin Rudolf – I Made it (ft. Birdman, Jay Sean & Lil Wayne)
  • David Rush – Shooting Star (ft. LMFAO, Pitbull & Kevin Rudolf)[Party Rock Mix] **
  • One Republic – All the Right Moves
  • 3OH!3 – Follow Me Down
  • Rihanna – Hard (ft. Jeezy)
  • Ke$ha – Take it Off
  • DJ Khaled – All I Do Is Win
  • Lil Wayne & Nicki Minaj – Knockout ***
  • Jason Derulo – In My Head
  • Jamie Foxx ft. T.I. & Justin Timberlake ***
  • Flo-Rida ft. T-Pain – Zoosk Girl
  • Usher ft. T.I. – Gulty
  • Mariah Carey ft. Nicki Minaj – Up To My Face **
  • Lady GaGa – Reloaded (ft. Rodney Jerkins)
  • Jackie Chain – Diamonds & Cadillacs
  • Lupe Fiasco – Say Something Freestyle
  • Charles Hamilton & B.o.B – Paperboy
  • Cassidy ft. John Legend – Searching
  • Chrishan – Bitch Look At Me Now (ft. Meech) **
  • DJ Khaled – Victory
  • Lloyd – Internet Love
  • Tinie Tempah – Pass Out **
  • Young Money – She Is Gone
  • Lupe Fiasco (Ft. Kid Cudi) – Solar Midnite
  • Jaheim – Ain’t Leavin Without You
  • Bobby Valentino ft. Nicki Minaj – Stilettos & T-Shirt
  • Lexlife – Poppin’
  • Lloyd ft. J. Holiday & Nicki Minaj – Take It Off
  • Orianthi – According To You **
  • Kardinal Offishall ft. Akon – Body Bounce
  • T.I. ft. Fergie & Will.I.Am – Down Like That ***
  • Kate Perry ft. Snoop Dogg – California Gurls
  • Eminem – Not Afraid **
  • B.o.B – Airplanes
  • 3OH!3 ft. Ke$ha – My First Kiss **


Now this is an amazing product, there have a been alot of different companies providing alternate battery power sources for different products but none as thorough as the HyperMac for Apple Laptops & iPads. Giving you from 19-34 Hours for the MacBook Pros, and 30 to 92 Hours for the iPad. Thats a lot of hours, and pretty damn good in my opinion. Thats just a ridiculous amount of power that you can use while traveling or in the car, on a train, or stuck in a airport for a really long time. Prices range from $200 up to $500, which isn’t cheap but its a very solid product for a specific purpose.

Link: Gizmodo

iPad 64GB – Wifi

I have had my iPad 64 GB Wifi for about four days now, and I LOVE IT! There are a few things of course which are annoying but overall I think Apple did an amazing job with the product. The iPad itself feels very good in your hands, I love the Aluminum bezel and they have the right amount of buttons to control the iPad. The screen is amazing, just the perfect amount of brightness and you can really enjoy it, I go through my RSS feeds so smoothly and easily, the one thing is that it attracts finger prints so you have to keep wiping constantly it to keep it clean. Reading comics and watching a few shows on it is pretty good, but after a while you do get tired of looking at the screen, but I got lost using the iPad and forgot the time around me which tells you how much this product pulls you in. But the iPad is only as good as the Applications that you can use with it, and luckily there are quiet a few different applciations from gaming to utilities. I like the buttons on the iPad works smoothly to control the volume and locking it up if need be, and you can lock the screen in a certain vertical or landscape mode which is very smart on their part. What surprised me the most was the battery, with normal use it lasted over a two day period before finishing the battery, watching some TV shows, surfing, reading a couple of comics, and playing video games. Some people complain about the speaker being of lower quality but I honestly think its decent for what the iPad is supposed to do, I was surprised it had one in the first place, if it isn’t what your looking for then plug in a pair of head phones and you are good to go. Another good edition is being able to add any App or even website for that matter to the App bar at the bottom, so you can really put your frequently used Apps and websites in one location.

My Applications:

  • Jump – Remote Desktop to My Server and Computers (Must Have)
  • Marvel – Marvel Comics loaded up on the amazing screen.
  • IDW Transformers – Downloading every Transformer Comic there is, I can’t get enough, reading comics on the iPad is a fantastic experience and I really got into it forgetting myself
  • GoodReader – Reads, PDF, Test Documents, Images and a few other files on the iPad and on other machiens and servers. (Must Have)
  • NewsRack – Best RSS Reader which integrated with GoogleReader, smooth, loads up articles in a different window and if you click a link it takes you to it (Must Have)
  • AirVideo – Watch any type of video file on your iPad from any PC or Server, works perfectly for all my anime and tv shows, don’t have to purchase the TV shows (Must Have)
  • Accuweather – The best and smoothest weather app for the iPad, the other ones just didn’t work so well. Kind of annoyed with the WeatherBug and when I tried Accuweather I was very happy
  • Shazam – It has a built-in Microphone and Speaker, so you can catch the song you want and you can listen to it, better then the iPod Touch in my situation since I don’t have an iPhone.
  • GQ – This has turned into an interesting read, lots of time just to flip through the magazine, but all the Ads are very very very annoying. GQ has to rethink the way they have the magazine, it should be smart and intuitive, not just cut and paste from the magazines (Hold Off)
  • PopularSciene – Making the magazine interactive is smart, but the content isn’t there yet and applications need to be refined a little (Hold Off)
  • SkyGrid – All the upcoming news from multiple feeds brought to you and updated, its fantastic how it keeps updating, you can view the stories which are most popular then choose the articles within it that you want to read.
  • SportsTap – Football, NFL, NBA, College Football, Tennis, and Golf all at your finger tips. I use it to follow the updates on the NFL mostly and its pretty damn good.
  • BBC News – Different the iPhone/iPod its presented in video format as well as articles which makes it pretty interesting.


  • TopGun – Its fun but annoying when you haven’t gotten the movements right
  • FlightControl HD – Addictive game, you can place for hours, you have to direct planes to land around other planes, and no mistake is accetable
  • Harbor Master – One of those fun time consuming games, but drives you nuts! You have to dock and undock ships in the right port without them crashing!
  • Scrabble – Its a fun old game with new life, there are so many words that I don’t know any more
  • Red Alert – Command and Conquer is fantastic, the only annoying thing is selecting a lot of troops but who can imagine that an iPad can play a full Real Time Strategy game such as this!
  • N.O.V.A – Fun first person shooter, a different experience but not for everyone
  • Implode – Blowing up buildings, who doesn’t enjoy that!

The Problems:

  • Right now the Wifi works fine but sometimes it does have its issues, seems online some people are already complaining, and to get a lot of content it needs bandwidth and constant connectivity
  • Without Flash somewebsites just don’t show their full content and its a very easy fix for Apple but that doesn’t seem to be happening
  • Navigating the large amount of Apps for the iPad is a bit of task, you just can’t seem to find the right App for your need. I’m looking for a Networking App but can’t seem to find it
  • iPod/iPhone Apps should not be installed on the iPad with the X2 Zoom functionality, it just looks wrong and tacky

Do I think every should get an iPad, yes I definately do, Am I addicted to it? Positively! Its not for everyone but everyone who I know has it is really enjoying it, I’m trying to fill mine with as much content as possible so as to use it when I’m traveling and have no wifi connectivity, which is the main purpose in my case, and the comics are doing that perfectly.

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Playlist 12/09…


A odd combination of songs for the December playlist, with a few new releases to look forward to but these are the songs that I have finally put together. I will admit that iTunes makes sorting my music into playlists a lot easier then before, and just installing it int he next iPod is a lot faster then before. So I have music in the car that I jump in or when I got riding with my iPod mini. The playlists are the only way to make use of so much music that I have, some people even have more and I’m surprised when I do find a song I haven’t heard in a long time, if it wasn’t such a heavy piece of software it would be great.

December 2009 Playlist:

  • Iyaz – Replay
  • Priscilla Renea – Dollhouse (Mr. Mig Mainstream Radio Edit)
  • Timbaland – Carry Out (feat. Justin Timberlake)
  • Ke$ha – TiK ToK
  • Jay-Z – Empire State of Mind (feat. Alicia Keys)
  • Shakira – Give It Up to Me (feat. Lil’ Wayne)
  • Timbaland – Morning After Dark (feat. Nelly Furtado & SoShy)
  • Madonna – Celebration [Benny Benassi Remix Edit]
  • Dizzee Rascal – Holiday
  • Black Eyed Peas – Meet Me Halfway
  • Timbaland – Lose Control (feat. JoJo)
  • 3OH!3 – Starstrukk (feat. Katy Perry)
  • Tinchy Stryder – Never Leave You (Radio Edit)
  • Livvi Franc – Now I’m That Bitch (feat. Pitbull)
  • 50 Cent – Baby By Me (feat. Ne-Yo)
  • Tinchy Stryder – You’re Not Alone
  • Inna – Hot (Play & Win Radio Version)

Lexus ♥ iPod


The one annoying thing about the 2008/09 Lexus LX 570 & Toyota Landcruiser is that they can’t integrate with the iPod. You have to buy an aftermarket adapter to integrate into the system, and in my case I found a perfect solution which worked for me but you would expect a car as expensive as that to be able to integrate without issues. It seems Toyota heard people’s complaints, with the 2010 Landcruiser / Lexus LX 570 all you have to do is plug into the iPod into the USB slot next to the gear handle and it integrates right into your audio system with all files, playlists, and other details showing up on the screen. I have a 2009 Landcruiser so I got my solution which works for me, and my friend just purchased a 2010 LX 570 and that suv connects right away without any issues. Toyota always does this, they release a few options year after year, and if you bought the model year before then tough luck you can’t upgrade that option in your car even though its just a software thing, its good they keep upgrading but it’s annoying when it was something as simple as iPod integration, well good for all those who will be buying a new LX 570 or Landcruiser.