iPod Touch – New App Download List

I think Apple has gotten flooded with tons of Apps that you don’t really know the good from the bad and which one exactly fits your need and the rating system is too simple for how complex some of these applications can be. I have managed to find some apps that I will be downloading, some are games which I really want to try and some are useful apps for my use, this isn’t even including the ones I currently have, I wish they would get Google Latitude already loaded as an app.

  • NFL Mobile (Down side is you have to be a Direct TV subscriber with the sport package, but I want an NFL App so I’m gonna try it out)
  • Need for Speed: Undercover
  • Blades of Fury
  • Madden NFL 10
  • Modern Combat: Sandstorm

iPod Disappearance @ Toyota

Usually when I’m traveling I try to get a car service done or anything that would take some time to get done. I had this arranged with Toyota to get my 10K service and a little paint job done for the Landcruiser. It took a total of two and a half days to get it all done, when my friend went to pick it up the Body Shop Manager told him that the iPod from my car was missing and they can’t find it, it was listed in the original paper when the car was submitted and they can’t find it. Now my friend went a little ballistic on them before I even knew, but they offered right away to purchase a new one for me. So he called up Alghanim Electronics and they are sold out and waiting for the new iPod Classics which were announced. The body shop work cost 95 KD and the 10 KD service was 25 KD, and the cost of the iPod Classic 120 GB was 85 KD. But it wasn’t available so I ordered it from Amazon and emailed my friend the emailed invoice, he sent it to them and they were reluctant to pay since it was an emailed invoice but after my friend spoke to the Body Shop Manager again, they paid the 80 KD, but that doesn’t include Aramex shipping but I didn’t mind. I usually take out all the items from my car but I wasn’t there this time around, but I have to say I was surprised this happened at Toyota, at BMW I would expect it in Kuwait but not Toyota. They were gracious enough to offer to pay right away, even if it took a little arguing.

WPtouch: WordPress on iPhone, iPod, and Android

A WordPress plug-in which works with WordPress 2.7+, its meant to format the posts to be easily reable and loads up very lightly onto the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android phone. I like when its a very simple piece of software which works as it is supposed to. You can view the blog horizontally or in landscape mode, making it a versatile piece of software and simple.

You can change your view to the full normal view instead of this compress version. If you are just looking to read then this is the best format but if you want to see everything then you have to go into full view mode.

Link: WPtouch

Logic Valve 80 – UnBoxing

After taking a look at my music selection and music options, I thought about changing my audio hardware setup. I usually have music playing in the background in my room. Thankfully you can listen to Satellite radio on the net for a small subscription but its really worth it. I haven’t really used by normal stereo for at least a year or so at this point, after thinking about I’m going to dismantle it and make use of that space. Now that I have the Logic Valve 80 I thought it would be the perfect setup, but there is a little hitch. Its a little bigger then I expected, turned up in a very big box. I thought it would be the size of the Bose Sound Dock, but turns out its much bigger and heavier, and I liked the quality of the build and the weight, I just have to figure out the placement. It is an iPod Dock with a built-in amplifier and hybrid vacuum valve which gives the music a richer sound based on all the reviews.

Now there are a few steps to be tackled before installing the item. I have to figure out a design for the dock, Sonos, and the speakers and get rid of the sound system or just the sound system speakers. Interestingly enough the Valve 80 has two Auxiliary inputs which I could use for the Sonos and the sound system, that would help get rid of the speakers which are taking up a large amount of space. At this point I will go into a complete reorganization of the equipment and items, to rewire everything as neatly as possible, and make more space for the new set of books that I have.

I kept the stock Logic Valve 80 speakers in the box because I’m planning on using the Sonos speakers. I place my Anime Mecha Models on top of the speakers, and the Valve 80 Speakers aren’t flat. I just need some banana plug to sort it out the wiring between the Speakers and the Valve 80. The best part is that all the RCA cables needed to connect to the Valve 80 Auxiliary inputs are included in the box which is a nice touch, also two different types of power cables (2 & 3 Pin Plugs), so they provided all the necessary and optional cables for you.

Then I have to get rid of a few unnecessary things on the shelf. I have about 10 PS3 games sitting on the shelf that I have played and enjoyed, maybe a few I didn’t even open yet. My PS2 burnt out over two and half years ago now, and it isn’t worth fixing, for some reason I still keep those games. As I need the space these days, I’m not sure what to do with the games, I don’t want to throw them away, and I’m not sure if its about the sentimental value but maybe it is. I remember the days when I used to play video games nonstop for hours on end but that isn’t the case anymore. I’m lucky if I get to even finish a game which is rare, or even get a few hours a week if thats even possible. So I need to take care of that to make full use of the shelves, and do a lot of network rewiring behind the shelves.

Review: iPod Touch Xtand

I always update my iPod Touch with updated playlists or new songs, I keep pulling it out of the car or to update the songs. The hardest thing is finding the good songs in that huge list, and so playlists are the way to go and perfect when driving. I keep one iPod Classic 160 GB in the Landcruiser with all the videos to enjoy on the screen. I was looking for a good stand, and this was the one I chose, the Xstand for the iPod Touch.


  • Fits the iPod Touch pefrfectly but not with a cover.
  • They give you the rubber ends of the iPhone so you can replace and use it for the iPhone.
  • Very sleek, made out of aluminum, and rubber pads at the bottom.
  • An easy way to wire and charge the iPod.
  • You can rotate the mount to be vertical or horizontal.
  • Its a bit pricey but worth it for a clean sleek stand.

Link: Amazon

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iPod Utilities – Track and Playlist Duplication (Copying) & Music Back Up

A lot of people have been in the situation where they have lost their music library one way or another, but thankfully they have it all on their iPods. Now the issue is getting it back to the PC and acting all normal again, so how exactly do you go about it without erasing the damn thing. Another situation is when you want to just duplicate your friend’s iPod, some people just aren’t good at making decent playlists when they have thousands of songs. I know I forget a few songs, and making playlists gets annoying with that many songs, but worth it in the long wrong. So are are a few useful software that you can use “expand” the usage of your iPod.

Disk Aid (Freeware)

This is a really useful software, some people have the very large 80 – 160 GB iPods which they haven’t completely filled. Disk Aid turns your iPod into an external hard drive that you are able to drop items into without having any affect on your current files, unless you delete something. Works really well and its free.

Tune Aid ($25)

This one of the first applications which I think is a must for anyone with an iPod and its worth the $25. You can copy your whole iPod to your iTunes including Playlists, Album Art, Number of times played, and all the other details. You can keep adding your iTunes library by doing this to multiple iPods and copying it to your PC. Also it doesn’t matter if the iPod was Mac or PC formated, Tune Aid can read it. Also you can be specific about certain songs or videos, and you can leave out the rest. Its an amazing piece of software which is worth the $25, it works with all types of iPods. It is also able to recover songs from a corrupted database/iPod.

iPod 2 iPod ($39)

Copying between two iPods is a hassle, especially playlists and all the other items. Specifically if you don’t want to copy the items to your iTunes library. The usually problem anyone faces is that iTunes will format an iPod which isn’t connected to it previously, so you have to make sure you set it so that you Manage the Library and switch off Auto Sync. You can plug both iPods to the PC and it will recognize it, the best part about the software is that its very simple to use. You select the tracks you can to copy and copy it over to the other iPod, and you can do that with the Playlists as well. The freeware version can only do 100 songs, but the main one can do many, I tested it already with about 7000+ songs. Its an extremely useful software if you do this a lot, I do this because I take friend’s iPods and copy them back and forth, but is it worth $40 I don’t think so, I think its worth about $15 max. But it is a very clean piece of software that doesn’t involve any complications.

A Bigger iPod Touch

The iPod Touch is an amazing product, with all the different applications available it seriously very useful. The one problem I’m facing now is that the 32 GB is not enough if you plan on putting videos on your iPod Touch. The one thing I do enjoy is watching music videos, there are so many good music videos to download and watch, it gives the music a different flavor and recently that has been filling up my iPod, so a larger one is needed. Can’t they make a 64 GB iPod touch and keep it as thin as it is, i just love its size.

iPod Touch Apps Switch Over

I have shifted my iTunes Library from the crappy PC to the CORE PC (iCore7 Processor), its been running perfectly dual screen and pushing all its processing power to the edge. Since shifting the library to this new PC its been going smoothly, I have synced all the videos and music to my iPod Classic and Nano 4G, when you sync it all the previous data gets erased so you have a fresh install.

Now the issue I am facing with the iPod Touch is the applications. I haven’t really figured out how to shift all the applications to the new computer, the free ones are simple enough but what about the applications that I have paid for, how do I go about shifting them?

Playlist 02/2009

After searching around for a bit I came up with a playlist for my last trip, and especially I got a good amount of songs and thought to share it. This mostly RnB/Hip Hop with a few different songs thrown in. There is nothing better then riding and driving with good music.

  • T.I. Ft. Rihanna – Live Your Life
  • Justice – D.A.N.C.E
  • DJ Khaled – Go Hard
  • Akon – Troublemaker
  • Young Jeezy – My President
  • The Game – Dope Boys
  • Kanye West – Heartless
  • Keyshia Cole Ft. 2Pac – Playa Cardz Right
  • T-Pain Ft. Chris Brown – Freeze
  • Jadakiss & Ne-Yo – By My Side
  • Kanye West – Love Lock Down
  • Usher – This Ain’t Sex
  • Common – Universal Mind Control
  • 88 Keys Ft Kanye West – Stay Up! (Viagra)
  • Ashanti – Good Good
  • David Banner – Get Like Me
  • Usher ft. will.i.am – What’s Your Name
  • DJ Khaled – Out Here Grindin
  • T-Pain ft. Ludacris – Chopped N Skrewed
  • Moby – I Love To Move In Here
  • The Game – My Life
  • Beyonce – If I Were A Boy
  • Gym Class Heroes Ft. Estelle – Guilty As Charged
  • Usher Ft. Jay-Z – Best Thing
  • Keri Hilson – Return The Favor
  • Kevin Rudolf – Let It Rock
  • Lady GaGa – Just Dance
  • The Lonely Island – Jizz In My Pants
  • Linkin Park – Leave Out All The Rest
  • Ludacris – One More Drink
  • The Veronicas – Untouched
  • Soulja Unit ft. Eminem – Crack A Bottle
  • B.o.B – I’ll Be In The Sky
  • Akon ft. Kardinall – Beautiful 
  • The Dream Ft. Mariah Carey