iTunes Apps 12/08


I think I have managed to take some advantage of my iPod Touch with some interesting Apps and filling it up with music. I still have some ways to go to organize my music completely the right way, I am happy with some of the playlists that I have but I still have a lot of music that I’m surprised that is on my iPod after pressing the random shuffle button.


I have filled about 95% of my iPod Touch with music and 2% with Applications, and some of these Applications are pretty damn good. I have mentioned some small comments but all are pretty good, and the higher it is the more I like it.  


  • Fieldrunners (This Game is Fantastic)
  • BattleAtSea (Who doesn’t love playing battle ships)
  • Bloomberg (Keeping up to date on the latest financial news breaks, and there are lots of those these days)
  • Texas Hold’em (Some poker fun with different levels)
  • SportsTap (Keeping tabs on NFL, and NBA teams)
  • Now Playing (Its excellent in the US for movie times, I also get movie info from it)
  • Crash Bandicoot Nitro (Fun Driving Game)
  • Cro-Mag Rally (Fun Driving Game)
  • WordPress (If I just want to write the text while in a waiting room)
  • Yelp (Restaurant info and more)
  • Dynolicious (HP, Torque, and Skid Pad when your driving, pretty good)
  • iPray Pro (Pretty good with prayer times)
  • JellyCar (Pretty funny car when playing)
  • WeightTracker (Literally what it is)
  • Units (Great for different types of conversion, great on the run)
  • Mobile Banking (For those with a Bank of America account)
  • The Weather Channel (For more detailed weather information)
  • BA Flights (When you fly BA a lot its helpful, I’m not flying BA that much these days)

New iPods Charging Issues Solved by Scosche Passport

I use my iPod whenever I am driving or riding, I usually I charge it before I ride. But when I’m in the car I use my iPod, I started using the iPod Nano in both cars. It can’t store all my music but 16 GB is a hell of a lot. One thing that I noticed right away is that it doesn’t charge, and my cousin has an iPod Touch 2G and that doesn’t charge as well on either iPod integration systems which is very odd. I thought at first it was a problem with my deck, but then it couldn’t be the same in another car. Now Scosche has come out with a solution that will let these iPods get charged like the older versions, I think it is a great solution and for a low price.

Price: $30

Link: Gizmodo

Porsche Design Audio P 9210

I always take a look around for high quality audio products and I wasn’t expecting to find one at Porsche Design. I had my Nano on me and plug it into the Porsche Design P 9120 and the sound is nothing short of amazing, its loud, clear, and crisp with great bass. This audio product does have a lot of bells and whistles  but one we can’t use (XM). It comes with an iPod dock and a nice remote control. For the audio it has three 1.5inch full-range drivers and a 3-inch 15-Watt (RMS) active subwoofer which creates amazing sound for its size.

Price: $600

Link: Amazon

Onkyo MHP-UW2

These wireless headphones are made specifically for iPod users and works on the 2.4Ghz bandwidth. The connection between the head phone and wireless unit is uncompressed so you get very good quality sound, the reciever is pretty big though. The controls are on the headphone and I do like the quality of Onkyo products, but oddly enough its being released in Japan first for $200.

Link: Gizmodo

My iPod Nano 4G

I ordered this a couple of weeks back now, and it took two weeks to ship from Amazon and another week to arrive from Aramex. I kept hearing good reviews about it and how the build quality is high.

The package arrived and it weighed less the 1 lb, 0.65lbs to be exact. The best thing is unpacking an Apple product, they do know how to make simple and quality packaging. I liked the color of the Black or more like Dark Grey iPod Nano. As soon as you open it you realize how then it is. I couldn’t believe they fit 16 GB into something that thin, and its extremely light. I needed an mp3 player to use when I’m riding and this turned out to be the perfect player, you don’t even feel it in your pocket.

The screen quality and brightness are amazing, I haven’t seen something such as this before. You can clearly see the screen in bright day light, I was changing songs looking at the screen while wearing my motorcycle helmet during broad day light and I have a tinted screen. The scroller feels very nice and precise so I was clicking away. Surprisingly this mp3 player is louder through the same headphones then my iPod Touch. I usually set the volume just below the maximum when I’m riding to be able to hear it when its windy, but this was clearly louder and I was enjoying that.

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Apple iPod Nano 16GB

I checked ou the Apple iPod Nano 4G and I liked the specs, so I decided to order one. I was looking between the red one and the black one, and I really like the red one. I ordered it from the Apple website, entered all my information and they said they would email me a confirmation. About a day later I get an email from Apple saying they don’t send to APO boxes, from last time I remember someone telling me that they can get Apple shipped to their Aramex account, so that really annoyed me. Luckly for me Amazon accepts anything so I ordered it from Amazon but since Red wasn’t available I went with Black instead. Its the perfect mp3 player to take with me riding this coming season and I hope it cools off soon. 


My Playlist 08/08

I have been a bit lazy with my music for the past couple of months since I have been listening to online content or just going through some old CDs. I was too lazy to make new playlists, but since fixing up a large amount of my content with iTunes and easily making new playlists.

  • Will.I.Am – One More Chance
  • Game ft. Keysha Cole – Game’s Plan
  • Esttella ft. Kanye West – American Boy
  • Chris Brown – Forever
  • Metro Station – Shake It
  • Busta Rhymes – We Made It
  • The Dream – I Luv Your Girl
  • Baby Bash – Don’t Stop
  • Bob Sinclair – What I Want
  • Cold Play – Viva La Vida
  • Casely ft. Flo Rida – Emotional (Remix)
  • Lil Wayne – Lolipop
  • Wiz Khalifa – Say Yeah
  • T.I. – No Matter What
  • Snoop Dogg ft. Charlie Wilson – Can’t Say Goodbye
  • Three 6 Mafia – Lolli Lolli
  • Sara Bareilles – Love Song

My iPod Touch

I have to admit after trying out so many mp3 players the iPod Touch is the best mp3 player I have used by far. The sound quality is very good, but I wish the volume could be a little louder. The best part about it is all the applications that you can now use with the 2.0 upgrade. I have some productivity tools, information applications, and some games. I think what makes it great is what it can do other then being an mp3 player.

I have tried a lot of mp3 players and I have to say that Apple got it really right with this one. And one more thing I have to admit to is how well iTunes works, it does take over the computer which is very annoying but overall it helped me clean up my library. It is mostly on the network and a few different places but I have made leaps and bounds worth of progress with it, that I have tried months with other programs. A software called Tune Up does help as well to clean up ID3 tags, I think I am at the 60% which is great, I just have to clean up the tracks a little bit more and complete a few albums then download all the Album art for my Music. iTuens does hang every once in a while, and if you leave the computer on for a while it acts up for some reason, it eats up some resources. The most annoying part about iPod/iTunes is that I can’t sync the information to another computer without having to format the iPod, I know there are ways around this but it is just annoying. It is a very good program but Apple really has a lock on everything so you have to find ways around, or else I can’t really fault it too much.

iPhone/iPod Touch: Disk Aid

The annoying part of the iPhone and iPod Touch is having to use iTunes to make any changes on it. But this piece of software helps resolve a lot of these issues. Turns your iPhone/iPod Touch into an external HD so you can drag and drop files into it, music, video, documents, pictures, anything. It doesn’t require Jailbreak to work with your iPod Touch/iPhone.

Link: Lifehacker


2.1 speakers with iPod dock from VOIX, they do look like twigs but they can fit anywhere and produce good sound. Each speaker pumps out 72 watts each, there is an active speaker and a passive speaker, on the active speaker you can directly plug the iPod into it, any iPod including the iPhone. You can either set it up to be directly plug the TV into or using an a/v receiver configuring it from there.

Link: VOIX