Marvel And Madhouse Announce Anime Adaptations of Wolverine And Ironman

How cool is that, they are making Anime versions of Wolverine and Ironman. I honestly think that Anime is a lot more complex and artist then all kinds of western animation and now so does Marvel. And based on the previews in the youtube trailers I think they look pretty damn good. They have added a much needed darker appeal to these characters and it will be released in spring of 2010. Looks like Madhouse did an amazing job with these anime adaptations just based on the trailers of Ironman and Wolverine, I really can’t wait to see this.

Ironman. The dogfights look amazing and as expected from Madhouse the animation quality is top notch. Ironman himself though… I can see how they wanted him to look more like a shiny mecha but all I can think about is that someone took an Ironman sketch and applied the Plastic Wrap effect in Photoshop to it. The villian though, that’s a whole other story! He’s part Captain Harlock, part The Major from Hellsing and all kinds of awesome.

Wolverine really hit close to home. I’ve never been a Wolverine fan but this reimagining of the character as a Japanese badass is an instant hit. The mood is a lot grittier and thicker than the american version and will remind you a lot of classic samurai anime films, specially Ninja Scroll.

Link: DarkDaimond

Ironman Bust

I have always been a fan of Ironman, and other Marvel Comic characters, mostly all comic characters, especially the interesting superheros who have flaws. Right now Ironman the movie has got my blood going, and as I was browsing through the slideshow website, I stumbled upon this life size bust. Its is th realistic size of the top half of Ironman’s armor and I am really thinking about getting this and placing it on a mantel of some sort, I don’t care where I place it but I have to it, what do you guys think? Oh and the eyes glow.

Price: $699

Link: SideShow

Review: Ironman

This movie is everything it promised and more, I have been waiting over a year to see this movie and it was well worth it. I have been a fan of Ironman from the early 90s reading the Marvel comics, he was a superhero you feel you could reach since he was human and developed the technology to able to fight.

I was afraid when I heard Robert Downey Jr. was chosen as Tony Stark, in the comics Tony Stark was this genius who was also troubled, always trying to help and push himself to his limit, he is a solitary man with two lives. Robert Downey Jr. did an amazing job playing Tony Stark, he gave a certain flare to Tony’s darkness which I thought was excellent. The movie was executed perfectly, there was a perfect mix of special effects, it wasn’t overboard. The movie was perfect, you are satisfied with the movie and enjoyed it, but you are left wanting more. Stay after the credits there is a surprise which isn’t to be missed, can’t wait for the next Ironman.

Link: IMDB