599 GTO In The Flesh

I remember reading and seeing so many images of the 599 GTO at the beginning of 2010. It was a limited edition run by Ferrari its the street going version of the 599XX, and it runs at about 661 bhp. I always loved the 599 and I thought that the 599 GTO would be just the same looking, but I was so very very wrong. I did a double take as I was walking out of the hotel, the last thing I thought I would see in Vancouver Canada is a 599 GTO parked right out front.

This vehicle looks so menacing with its aggressive stance and carbon fiber parts, the combination of colors make for a very mean machine. I literally walk around the car twice, taking a look at it from every angle and it is a beautiful sight. The funny part is the the guy’s license plate, it says “F1 GTO”, I do love personalized license plates.

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Driving The Italia 458

Recently I had the chance to get my hands on the Ferrari Italia 458, I wasn’t expecting to find it in the Exotic Racing line up in Las Vegas. As soon as I saw I had to get my hands on it, I booked it for as much as possible around the track. Last time I was there I drove the F430 Scuderia and I was impressed with that car, I didn’t know what to expect with the 458.

As soon as I got behind the wheel I saw that bright and lovely digital dial with so much information being presented and one big RPM. The instructor sitting to my right gave me the details of the car and told me what to do to get the most out of it. At first he had me driving in normal mode so the car won’t slip too much. A few laps around the track and he said I said driving it a bit too soft, I could push it on the corners, turn harder, it will hold. I tried going faster and faster, that car held really well, my blood got pumping around a few tight corners where I carried the speed really well. At one point the grin on my face was stuck and I was on a high, that car is amazing, the Italia was performs as good as it looks. It sounds so good as you throttle out of the corner and it hugs the corners so well, I had a few close mishaps but luckily the car did well even on the sportier setting. I still had traction control on and I loved driving it around the track, its a lovely experience for anyone. Italians know how to breed them.

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2011 Ducati DIAVEL & Video

The final images of the Ducati Diavel have been revealed, and its one hell of a beauty. It comes in two versions the Diavel and the Diavel Carbon, the Carbon having more carbon fiber pieces and Marchesini rims which makes it lighter then the base model. The Ducati Diavel is packing a 162hp Testastretta 11º engine, 94 lbs•ft of torque, 456lbs (carbon) / 463lbs (base), radial brakes, ABS, traction control, ride-by-wire, and three riding modes. Based on previous assumption I think the base will be going for 4800 KWD and the Carbon will be around 5700 KWD, that is also assuming where it fits in the Ducati line up but I could be wrong of course. They managed to get that cruiser handling with Ducati charactiristics even though it a 240mm wide rear tire. I think this is one beautiful looking machine from Ducati.

The Ducati Diavel Carbon comes in either “red carbon” or “black carbon”, referring to the color of the paint on the trellis frame. Both versions of the Diavel Carbon will have black forged Marchesini wheels, which shed 5.5lbs off the Ducati Diavel’s base mass. The Carbon will also get Marzocchi forks, whose low-friction diamond-like-coating adds even more blackout to the hotness. Both bikes will get the full Ducati electronics package, which includes Ducati Traction Control (DTC), anti-lock brakes (ABS), rider-by-wire throttle control, keyless ignition, and rider-selectable riding modes.

The tank-mounted TFT display shows bike information such as the current riding mode, gear selection, DTC settings, etc. The TFT display senses the ambient light and choses whether or not to invert the display coloring to aid in daytime/nighttime reading. When stationary the secondary display also handles tuning the traction control and ride-by-wirse settings.

Link: Autoblog

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Bike World – Gilera GP800 Test Ride

These days the weather has been near perfect, sunny during the day and cooler in the afternoon. Just a little too hot at noon but still great for riding, I’m out when I can be but this was a special ride. I got a call from Ahmed at Bike World which I visited last time and he told me he has something special for me, I asked him whats special he said to pass by and I will see. I was expecting a Moto GP Machine capable of breaking the sound barrier with futuristic technology. When I got there he had for me a scooter, not any scooter but a scooter on steroids and that is something I wasn’t expecting, the Gilera GP800.

He told me to take it for a few days to try it out and let me know what I think, I told him it better not sound like one of those whiny motorcycles which has a whistle for an exhaust. Oddly enough I have never driven a scooter before, driven a few Harleys, lots of supersports but never a scooter and not one like this either. He told me has a customer that goes to Saudi in it, now that would be a site. I got it, I felt I like was a high end delivery guy, meant to deliver gourmet food and I was wearing my bike gear so it felt like I was in racing gear on a scooter, I was laughing to myself as soon as I got on. Switched it on and it had a growl to it, this is wimpy machine, it had more umph then I expected. I took off for a little tour around Kuwait before heading home. This little beast can do 180 kph, well thats what I reached in it, it felt funny that I was trying to control it like a bike.

This is probably one of the most comfortable ride I have had, now its a little different since it had an automatic gearbox which felt strange to me and my seating position is that of a seat. My whole form didn’t feel like I was sitting in the position I’m used to on a two wheel machine. It had a great turning radius and its comfortable around town, very comfortable, zipping around everywhere in it. The brakes felt odd because I have to squeeze both levers when I’m used to a pedal and the right lever, no clutch just felt alien to me. It took some getting used to but this is great for someone who wants to have some fun, with good transportation and it had a big storage area under the seat which I was using for a few days. But I’m used to the braking of a Ducati and KTM, the maneuverability of those machines too so any of the the top 50cc scooters on the market can’t match up to that and I learned that quickly. But the funny part is that I was laughing like giddy school boy under the helmet while driving this scooter on steroids around town.

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Aprillia, Vespa, Motto Guzzi, and Piaggio Motorcycles All in One Spot

Feels like Italy has just moved into Shuweikh, I have known for a while that Aprillia and Vespa were in Kuwait but I didn’t know that most of Italy is housed in one location. Just behind City Center is the motorcycle shop for Aprillia, Vespa, Motto Guzzi, and Piaggio with a large selection of motorcycles. There is probably a motorcycle or scooter for every person, every color or king from retro to modern to aggressive to comfortable to sport in the showroom.

I’m a huge fan of Piaggio Motorcycles and its my first time seeing such a large selection of them. Whats popular in Kuwait is the Vespa scooters, I have seen some women driving them, and I have heard some guys driving it all the way to the border. Never underestimate those machines, some of those scooters can hit up to 180 kph which is ridiculously fast for a scooter, I never imagined that they did. Then there is the Piaggio three wheeler, and there is a black one which looks like a combat machine with all the bells and whistles to be driven by Robin, because Batman has the cooler bike.

Now for the Aprillia, the main reason that I went to the showroom, it has been too long since Aprillia has come up with the revised version of the RSV, since 2004. This machine looks better in person then any picture can depict and its reasonable priced. MSRP in Kuwait is 4990 KD for the Aprillia RSV which is pretty low for an Italian Motorcycle, and its sounds oh so good. Thanks to Ahmed for starting one up for me, I was impressed and it sounds so good for a stock machine, the Italians know how to make their machines look good and go fast. If you have any inclinations for two wheeled machines then I recommend that you head there directly, and if you like to see all the color combinations then head over there.

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MV Agusta – Dealership – Update

It is known that the motorcycle industry is a difficult one in Kuwait but a few companies have managed to make headway in Kuwait. I am one person who enjoys whenever a motorcycle company is successful in Kuwait be it American, Japanese, Italian, or English so it saddens me to see MV Agusta shut down in Kuwait. It belonged to Al Jema’a and their showroom was located just behind the GM Behbehani Showroom in Sharq opposite Khalijia. It seems they ran into difficult financial times and didn’t manage to sell as much as they expected, I thought they were a bit quite for the past year I didn’t know they weren’t doing well. I just love the MV Agusta motorcycles, their designs are amazing.

I just got a call from the dealers of MV Agusta in Kuwait they have not shutdown their operations. It seems when we went we at an odd time and we got the wrong information, they have no brough the 2009 models since there are newers model about to be launched. MV Agusta is bringing the new models which have just been redesigned and released for 2010 and just revealed in EICMA in Italy at the end of October. There will be a new release for this coming MV Agusta launch in Kuwait for the new models in December. I’m very happy my information was wrong and they are open, but they are only bringing the new models at the end of the year.

Lamborghini Estoque In The Wild

Now this is a machine that many have been anticipating, and I for one think its the best looking high end four door out in the market. They named the car after the sword of the Bull Fighter called the Estoque, its a name befitting this machine. The press release was a little while ago, and now its spotted in Italy and appropriately next to the Gallardo Police of Italy. This machine looks better in real life then it does in the pictures, and it looks good from every angle.

The Estoque will have the same engine as the LP560-4, with 552 bhp at its command. There is no doubt that this car carry’s Lamborghini’s style and sprot perfectly, but surprisingly it looks spacious from the insides and I’m hoping that Lamborghini have gone ahead put a lot of goodies inside. Now we just have to wait for the shocking price to come out, but I estimate it to be between $170’000 to $220’000 based on other manufacturers who have made vehicles in this range and level.

Link: Carzi

Night Ride @ 38C

It has been too long since I have taken a ride out at any point in time, the heat came with those sand storms and very strange weather. It made riding nearly impossible with zero visibility, and lucky for me I came back to the perfect weather, or the beginning of it at least. I can’t believe how nice the weather is early in the morning or after sunset. I came back from work a little annoyed with a few things on my plate and I decided to get a shave and take a ride to unwind.

Before taking my impromptu trip I called up TriStar and asked them to service all the machines, after I took off they came a few days later took the KTM RC8, Ducati 1098s, and BMW K1200R for a full service and check up. They changed the from discs and pads on the RC8 under warranty, they changed the rear tire of the K1200R, changed the oil and filters of all the machines, they changed the battery of the RC8 and 1098s, the chains were adjusted, cleaned and oiled. All three machines were run on the dyno to test it out. Got them all ready for riding season.

I changed from my dishdasha to my riding gear, and damn that felt really good, I’m just a little over weight and that requires adjustment. I had my playlist ready with music topped up on my iPod Nano. And I took off to Salmiya and later on drove down the GulfRoad to Miseela and then back home. It was just the perfect ride, I was in sync with my machine but I have to get my skills back up to par, I felt something was a little off with me and not the Ducati. I need to regain my sense of balance with this machine, I was one very happy rider, I caught myself a few times smiling while riding and listening to the music. The cool breeze was perfect even with the engine boiling my leg a little bit, these Italians knew what they were doing when they built this machine, so much passion, I felt like it was an animal that is happy to be out of its cage. I’m really happy that the weather is cooling down earlier this year, I will be doing some late night or early morning riding for the next couple of weeks, damn I missed riding.

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Bite @ Ninos

I was a fan of Ninos since it opened up on the seaside, I enjoyed their food but I hated it when it go crowded. I would usually try going to at odd times to enjoy the food and not feel its too cramped, I probably haven’t been to the seaside location for over 6 years now. Since the opening of Ninos in Avenues I have been going pretty consistently, at least once every two to three weeks.

The best part is that even though they have been open for a while, the quality of food has not degraded, it still tastes damn good. I still order my Veal Limone with a side of pasta, and when I’m done with that meal, it doesn’t feel to filling. For appetizers I do like the Buffalo Wrappers and Chicken Strips. I had my magazine with me that time while waiting for people to arrive, I’m the type that wants to order right away.

Review: Pizza Rustica

I have been hearing about this restaurant for sometime now but I didn’t have the chance to eat there yet. So instead of not eating there at all I decided to order pick up and bring it home. Walking into the mall I knew it was in the food court section but on the left side, I just kept walking until I found it. Oddly enough Avenues was empty, I thought it gets pretty full at night.

The place was relatively empty about 10% full out of all the tables. I took a menu and was approached by the waitress right away, I ordered one margaritta pizza, one quattro formagio pizza, one pepproni pizza, and lasagna bolognese. The lasagna for me, and all of this was to go. I told them to make sure it was done right and they will get comments from me one way or another. I have to say the manager was very nice and helpful, and made sure my order was taken care of. The chef on hand is a chef who used to work at the Harrods Pizzeria, the menu is also identical to the Harrods Pizzeria, and the furniture in the restaurant is an exact duplicate especially oven and cooking area.

They packaged it all together and ready to go, the packaging for the lasagna was a bit dissapointing since it looked like it will lose the heat quickly. So I took off home to make sure everything stays warm, I didn’t even switch on the A/C or air circulation.

As soon as I got home I put the lasagna in a plate and heated it up, thats why it looks displaced in the pictures due to my slight mishandling. One thing is for sure, their food is amazing, the pizza tasted great and fresh, the lasagna was amazing. I will be going to have dinner there soon to have the full experience, but as of now I really recommend people to go there.


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