Ducati Mega Monster – Update


More pictures of the Mega Monster are emerging, but this one profile pic is enough to know that its not going to be hideous. The its clear about the exhaust and single sided swing arm, and at least it looks pretty good. The ride angle itself looks comfortable and with a decently powerful engine, so I’m looking forward to more info.

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Ducati 848EVO – The Evil Twin

Ducati has went ahead with a more sinister looking 848, the EVO version is that and it’s as mean as it looks. They have overhauled the engine with lots of upgrades to make it more aggressive and more race oriented while upgrading it from 134 bhp to 140 bhp which does have an affect for a bike that’s so light. Even with all the upgrades this machine remains at 370lbs which is pretty light, making it the most powerful machine in its class. The best part about the whole upgrade is that the Dark version is cheaper then the base version 848, so it’s been upgraded, looks meaner, and its about $1000, I like what Ducati is doing.

Link: Asphalt&Rubber

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Bank & Economies in Europe


Seems like the topic of the day are banks and the European countries, and the relationship between them. Greece has been in the news a lot lately and so has UK and Spain about their debt, then there is the decision of Germany to support Greece, and the other countries in the long list. Now all of these numbers flying around, but this infographic pretty much puts all the relationships into considertaion, keeping in mind if one of them goes down then this whole balancing act comes tumbling down. Click the picture for a bigger image.

Link: NYTimes

Ferrari 599 GTO – Faster Then An Enzo

There has been talk about this car, spy shots over the net, list of options and tid bits of information. Now its out the official 599 GTO from Ferrari, an Italian race pedigree. They have the 599 GTB Fiorano, then came the track only 599XX, now the barely street legal race car designated the Gran Turismo Omologato or 599 GTO and it brings a lot to the plate.

They managed to shave 195 Kilos from the car bring the curb weight to 1495 KG making leaner and meaner then its original. They bumped the engine output from 612 bhp to 661, a torque bump of 9lb-ft bring it to 457. The GTO modifications aren’t just mechanical, with a rework of the aerodynamics their is a new front splitter, side sills, diffuser, rear spoiler, vented hood as the ten spoke 20-inch rims with F1-derived wheel donuts. All this put together helps this machine sprint from 0 to 62 mph in 3.35 second and top speed of 208 mph. Beating the Enzo on the Fiorano test track by 1 minute and 24 seconds, thats scary. Only 599 of these machines will be made, they will be selling at around $460K, lets see who will be lucky enough to get one. Check out the new configurator by Ferrari.

Link: Autoblog

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EICMA 2009 – Line Up


KTM RC8-R RedBull Eidtion
EICMA is the motorcycle show that takes place in Milan Italy, and I for one do enjoy when they unveil new machines. These are some of the machines that look interesting. First off is the KTM RC8-R Red Bull Edition, this machine looks damn nice and it has some performance upgrades to go with the look so its a little bit peppier then the rest.


BMW Concept 6
Now this is an interesting machine from BMW, its a 6-Cylinder concept meant to be for touring but it looks more like a semi-naked sports bike that I wouldn’t mind trying. Others were mentioning it as a cafe-racer and that seat does look appetizing, wouldn’t mind getting my leg over that machine.


Ducati 848 Dark
This is the same as the 749 & 748, the evolution now takes place with the 848 and surprisingly this is a lower cost then the regular 848 even though I think it looks better. At least they would gain more of a crowd with this machine, it does look mean and I do like it.
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I ♥ Italy

I don’t know how to describe this country, I love everything about it, the cities, the streets, the men, the woman, the children, the art, architecture, food, attitudes, machines, cars, motorcycles and especially the language. I have been wanting to come to Italy for the past few years and it hasn’t worked out for me and suddenly something came up that I had to go, and for the time that I have been here I love very part of it. Italians are so passionate and amazingly friendly, even when they are angry they sound fantastic, and their language just roles off so smoothly and easily. Sometimes when someone speaks Italian to me I want to reply in Italian and then I realize that I don’t know any Italian and I stay silent with my mouth open for second waiting for the words to form up and exit.

The weather is amazing and luckily it only rained when we went to another city, I have to say that I enjoyed the streets of Rome. There is so much to see, so much art, so much architecture. At night it feels like the city is alive and the whole city is lit up, they have designed it amazingly, you pass so many Pallazos (Palaces), Vatican City, Castel Sant Angelo, Pallaza Navano, the Collossium, and so many other places. Its amazing how Italy is, even during the week the restaurants don’t get filled up until its 10:30 pm or 11:00 pm unlike many other cities which are quite by 9:00pm, if you go to any restaurant at 9:00pm it would be empty and won’t start filling up until 9:30 pm. This city is amazing and I loved every moment of it, I just felt like a kid in candy store. Then there are so many motorcycles and scooters, I saw so many Ducati Street Fighters on the street and a lot of BMWs to my surprise, and so many other machines in abundance. The motorcycle culture is part of their genes, there is a form of organized chaos in this city that can’t be described it can only be understood when you are in it, for how aggressive people drive in Italy they are extremely considerate of motorcycle and scooter riders flying all over the place.

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Lamborghini Estoque In The Wild

Now this is a machine that many have been anticipating, and I for one think its the best looking high end four door out in the market. They named the car after the sword of the Bull Fighter called the Estoque, its a name befitting this machine. The press release was a little while ago, and now its spotted in Italy and appropriately next to the Gallardo Police of Italy. This machine looks better in real life then it does in the pictures, and it looks good from every angle.

The Estoque will have the same engine as the LP560-4, with 552 bhp at its command. There is no doubt that this car carry’s Lamborghini’s style and sprot perfectly, but surprisingly it looks spacious from the insides and I’m hoping that Lamborghini have gone ahead put a lot of goodies inside. Now we just have to wait for the shocking price to come out, but I estimate it to be between $170’000 to $220’000 based on other manufacturers who have made vehicles in this range and level.

Link: Carzi

Ferrari Replacements

Ferrari have been working a on a few new machines, and a lot of people’s eyes are on the Italian Manufacturer. The Ferrari CEO has come out and said what people have been waiting to hear, some cars will be replaced soon and some will be kept. There is a new supercar in the work for Ferrari, some sort of F50/Enzo type machine but it will be power by a V12 or V8 Twin Turbo. Ferrari has been working on some greener concepts but those engines won’t be ready for production soon, but I’m curious as to how they want to maintain performance with those green machines. Now the 612 is another story, I have never been too much of a fan of that car and it seems a lot of people haven’t so Ferrari will be replacing it as soon as 2012 with the new car. Now for the 599 it seems they have other plans for it, they have introduced the HGTE kit to make it more aggressive and that doesn’t include the limited production 599xx, so this car isn’t looking at replacement until 2015. As for the 458 it seems everyone wants a piece of it, and I’m a huge fan of the California, I really think its the perfect combination of sport and luxury, and who doesn’t like a hard top convertible.

Link: Autoblog

Multiple Stops

For the past few weeks I have been on the move with family and a little bit of work, majority of it is a break from work but I had to have some meetings while I was out abroad. Towards the end of this trip I have been on a plane every day and a half which has gotten exhausting, there is a lot I want to post about but not enough time. Off the bat, Italy was amazing, I’m annoyed that I haven’t gone there earlier, but there is a lot to post about, then off to London and I really missed London. I almost haven’t been to London for almost two years at this point, I didn’t realize how busy I got until recently, but it was so nice to be back in my room and smelling the fresh air next to the park, and now I’m in Hungary for a few days before heading back to London then back to the Kuwait the next night after a meeting in the morning. I have a lot of fasting to make up for when I get back to home, fasting abroad or while traveling is very difficult so I opted to fast at a later point, and I walked a lot in all the places, its just so easy to walk with this cool and nice weather. When I’m out walking I can feel the difference, the oxygen level in these countries are better then Kuwait, it just feels refreshing to walk outside and breath. Still a lot more to do and only a few days left until I go home, I wish all a happy eid.

Out Of Town

As of beginning of the week I got on the plane and took off for a little while with some family and some work. It kind of worked out to be a combination of work, getting some work travel done in between spending some time with the family. First stop has been Italy and I have been wanting to come here for years but never had an excuse to come but I’m quiet happy we are here now. What more can you want, amazing people, love the language great food, amazing scenery and you can feel the culture and that’s only in Rome. A few more stops before heading home but its going to be an interesting trips, and luckily I brought my camera with me.