Stash your savings in this DSLR bank ’til you’ve got enough dough for the real thing. Slip your coins in through a hidden slot in the lens for safe keeping, or until you need to feed the meter. Aside from the coin slot, this hyper-detailed bank looks just like the real deal. It even has all the buttons and switches of a real camera, plus a viewing screen and a detachable lens!

Photojojo come up with the most unique photography accessories and items that you can think of. And this time around they have made a life like fully detailed bank to resemble a DSLR, the first time I saw the pictures I thought it was real. Even in the pictures next to the real thing its pretty deceiving how real it looks. For only $24 its pretty cheap for a highly detailed DSLR Bank and its very very cool, I would mind having one on my desk.

Link: PhotoJojo

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Task after Task

The last couple of weeks have been extremely hectic, I didn’t even have a chance to relax during the weekend. Usually work calms down during the Ramadan, but this case everything turned upside down and I was even hacing meetings on the weekends. It turned into an interesting pattern, normal work was done during the day and meeting any big wigs took place later in the evening, usually between 9 pm and 11 pm lasting up until 2 am.

Then there was a few other things that popped up unexpectedly, which was handled. Then there were customs who were stopping every shipment I was getting, that was a headache trying to get the servers out of customs again, it took over a week to get it through.

I called up Tristar this week in preparation for the weather to cool down. I have had this urge to ride my bikes for the past month but the weather was ridiculously hot, and Ramadan schedule is all booked up. They are going to pass by next week take the bikes for service and change out a few parts, so I’m looking forward to riding when the nights cool off.