GulfRun 8 – Racing Around Bahrain


This is probably one of the funnest racing events I have been to yet, a very large selection of very scary machines on the track with a lot of surprises. Prepping these machines for the track takes time but it will pay off when you abuse the hell out of it on the track, and some of them perform smoothly, and some just can’t take the abuse. There were a few machines didn’t finish all the events, but I loved how pumped up everyone was.


I enjoyed the Outer Circuit & GP Circuit a lot, I was going around and the outer circuit and I can tell when my brakes give out. A few hot laps, then one cool down, and then I left the car cool down for about 20 minutes before hitting the track again. The Audi R8s were out to kill, these guys abused the hell out of their machines and GT3RS’s were extremely competitive this time around. Then there were the GTRs, these beasts are scary on the track, they hold well on the corners and take off on the straight line, the Japanese knew how to build them. The surprise is always with the Mitsubishi Evolution, you have no clue what they are going to do and this time around they more then performed, it was impressive. Black & Yellow Evo’s stood out the most.


At the end of the day we are all exhausted and go to the Sofitel where about 90% of the drivers are staying so we practically took over the hotel. You find drivers in the lobby & restaurants, its a lot of fun getting together with everyone like that, and then there were a few guys who brought their motorcycles. Personally I wish I had my bike with my but I don’t have the time at all to ride around town, too many things to do and to take care off, and after the meal all I want to do is pass the hell out.


Next day on the GP Circuit was a lot of fun, I loved those corners and I have to admit it does drive me nuts when another car passes me. Still I catch up with them on the straight, but this year it was different. This year it was another level of machines, a 500 bhp car is not as impressive as it used to be there are scarier machines with tuned suspension to attack the track, its not all about the engine. I for one enjoyed abusing the scooter around the track.


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GulfRun Car Wash

This is when all the normal super cars turn into race cars, there is something about designing the stickers and placing them all over the cars in the right spots that just make them look faster. The best thing about GulfRun is that they get the permits required so you can drive your car on the road with these stickers, and a permission letter from the Ministry of Interior, but there are always a few idiotic cops to deal with.

Thursday night the cars piled up, it seemed like it was a challenge between the Nissan GTRs and the Porsche GT3s, and all of us are caught in between. This year there were two Challenger SRT8s, I know some people don’t think they are track cars, but they cool look and I bet the guys driving them will have a lot of fun. Now for my unexpected challenge is the appearance of a new 2013 BMW M6, I want to see how this will turn out between the two of us, the challenge has been accepted by the owner so I’m going to have something interesting to challenge on the track.

AS usual the staff at Al Falah Car Wash were quick handling over 40+ cars and getting them arranged ready for the stickers. And the sticker guys were all over the machines, quick and efficient as usual. The only major thing I did for GulfRun was to switch out my tires and check the brakes, I won’t be pushing too much but I won’t be beat that easily too. Just writing this gets me excited, can’t wait to get to the track.

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GulfRun CarShow This Weekend – Can’t Miss It!


Things have just started up again with GulfRun, everthing going into full swing, drivers getting ready for this exciting event. Honestly I have seen the list of machines participating this year and I’m a bit freaked out, some of these guys went all out working on their machines all year long. These high performance machines have high numbers as well and they have been testing it out on the track. A large number of Nissan GTRs & Porsche GT3RSs have joined, and they do look like they mean business. All I did from last year was change my engine oil and I just changed my tires two days ago, so I’m at the same level that I was last year.

The Car Wash is at Al Falah Car Wash At Al Soor Street TODAY! From 6pm Until about 10pm, and the Car Show is on Friday & Saturday this weekend from 10 am until 10 pm every day, and it looks like its going to be a lot of fun. The Car Wash is always ridiculous to tell you the truth, everyone revved up to fly to 360 Mall, you have machines ranging from 300 Horsepower all the way to 1800 Horsepower, they will want to speed but lets see what happens, speeding with a police escort it always fun.


Not Worth It


Seriously whats going on in Kuwait, it sounds like we are living in Detroit now, Kuwait used to be the safest country, whats going on with people, this past weekend I heard of several stabbings, and its just gone over the top. How are people finding it so easy just to go and stab someone. I won’t lie I’m a bit of a hot head behind the wheel, but I would never intentionally hurt someone, shout at them if they did something wrong, yes but hit with the intent to kill no. I have always been more afraid of knives then guns, because knives can cause a lot more pain and can be very dangerous. Guns are very hard to get in Kuwait and bullets even harder, but knives, well everyone knows what happened in the Avenues.

Has it gotten so easily that human life has no value, at this point I won’t even look someone in the eye. I think its not worth it to get stabbed over it. Seriously I will not get out of my car if there was an altercation about to happen. Where is the law, there are police on the streets and I have seen them. But to be honest 90% of them are just guys wearing a uniform who are not trained to handle these sorts of situations, the law needs to be applied to this type of violence. Instead of traffic violations they should seriously get on top of these young men who are out of control, if you show them consequences of their actions then they won’t be doing that again. Seriously, minimum sentence for stabbing should be 10 years, and if you kill someone it should be life or the death sentence. Its become insane, Kuwait sounds like Grand Theft Auto not a country that we all regarded as safe.

I hope there is a change soon because the way things are going its very worrying.

Ali Al Salem Base – Open House

I got a message from Uptill1 Friday night that from 8:30 am until 2:00 pm people are allowed into the base with a few machines to show, I was not going to miss this opportunity. I saw the pictures from last time and I didn’t want to miss out on it, military machines are beyond cool. I have been to a few military bases before, and they are very thorough when you are going through the gate. This time around they just asked who told you, wrote down the name, you park your car and get on the bus to be taken to the airfield.

At first I didn’t have a clue where Ali Al Salem Base was but thanks to Google Maps the directions were easy and clear, and I got there pretty quickly. One thing though, they installed A LOT of new cameras on the 6th ring road. When we got on to the runway you see a few fighter jets that were used during the GulfWar and a few helicopters to your right and one of them is the Amir’s Emergency helicopter, from what I heard he has a new one and this is just an Emergency helicopter which was still cool to see.

You could step inside most of these planes and helicopters which was pretty cool. I then got attracted to the Apache Attack helicopters, I have always played them in games and this is the first time I have seen them in real life and they are amazing. There was the Kuwaiti version and the American version, the American one seemed newer and better maintained but still they both looked menacing.

I kept walking around with so many things to see, there were horses prancing around and a live band but I was honestly to busy gawking at this beautiful works of art. I do love military hardware, there were some dud missiles hanging off the wings of the Fighter Jets, but being up close right next to them is still intimidating. There was a MATV which is basically the replacement of HUMVEE and they had decommissioned grenades and rocket launchers for people to play with, even a couple of AK47s. Personally I wasn’t going to take a picture of myself with those things like some people were doing, I prefer to travel to Western Countries without getting a cavity search. There were some cool Army Fire Fighting Trucks and kids were shooting the water hose which was pretty cool.

What caught my eye were there very large machines, the C-130 Hercules, B-1B Lancer, and the C-17 GlobeMaster. I loved these the most, they were huge, the B-1B Lancer is a Bomber, it’s basically a gigantic jet and can carry a huge payload of bombs. The C130 Hercules is a large transport plane, you can carry a car and several soldiers. The Globemaster is just something else, it can carry 2-3 cars and 2 dozen soldiers, that thing is humongous. If Bruce Wayne ever needed a plane to transport his toys then it would be this one, I seriously was amazed by it’s size pictures do not do it justice, it is like a flying warehouse but a lot tougher.

This was probably one of the funnest tours I have gotten yet, and honestly every should have gone, but too bad it was only open from morning until afternoon and just by luck I heard about it. I’m surprised it isn’t advertised. There were a lot of American Soldiers there and they were having a good time too, a lot of families and kids everywhere, but it didn’t seem like it was fully open to the public, but still I will be going next year hopefully when they do it again.


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Starting 2013 With Some Movies


Start of the year with a lot of good movies to watch this weekend, Dredd is at the top of list, an action movie I have been looking forward to watch, the remake is better then the original from what I heard. A few good action movies to enjoy like Looper, Alex Cross, Premium Rush, & Resident Evil Retribution. Where The Trail Ends is a cool adventure documentary following this extreme off-road bicycles across the globe, and Halo 4 Forward Dawn is based on the Halo franchise, any movie with Master Chief couldn’t be cooler.


  • Hit & Run
  • Dredd
  • Touble With The Curve
  • House At The End Of The Street
  • Pitch Perfect
  • Upside Down
  • Looper
  • Alex Cross
  • Where The Trail Ends
  • Rurouni Kenshin
  • John Dies At The End
  • Resident Evil Retribution
  • Halo 4 Forward Unto Dawn
  • Premium Rush


2013 The Start Of A New Year

Everyone thinks of the things that they did the year before whenever they come to the new one. In my case I’m thankful for all the good things that happened in 2012 and learned from the bad. I managed to accomplish a lot of my goals and enjoy a lot of adventures, but there are a few things that I missed which is sticking to the gym and losing weight, that always seems to evade me, my craving for food is just too much.

2012 is the year of the Android, so many devices and so many advances and I’m happy I got my hands on them. Of course everyone went nuts over any new Mac Product like clock work, but there were a few improvements which I will admit to like the iPod Touch and a few other devices. I managed to ride in a few different locations this time around and I hope to ride in more locations soon, that is the plan for 2013 with regards to riding. I always have a lot of plans in my head I just have to action them, but happily I have made a lot of progress with a lot of projects, it was a very busy year but luckily nothing fell through the cracks. I need to be a bit more active, but that viral & bacterial infection that I caught at the beginning of December really knocked me out.

New Years was simple for me, just two other guys and I manned the BBQ & a few shows, keeping it simple was the goal this time around. What were your plans?

56 Hours Of Traveling

This has been one very hectic week with a lot going on with work, family, and other activities. Recently I had to take a quick trip to Amsterdam which is the first time for me. There was an urgent meeting that I had to attend and so we took off a few days later after confirming our meeting. I didn’t know what to expect from Holland but I was looking forward to it.

Traveling for work doesn’t always gives you the chance to look around much. But for a frist time visit I am sure I am going to repeat it as I have found the Dutch to be very nice and always helpful when I open a map and have no clue where I am. I haven’t seen so many scooters and bicycles in my life, it was -1 outside and everyone was on a bicycle or scooter, and I was wrapped up in as much clothing as I had but I loved walking outside in the cold. This city just felt so cozy walking around, we literally walked around for over 5 hours in every direction getting lost and find our way, I have a lot of posts coming up but when I sort out the pictures since I took a lot of pictures.

The Accident

A little over a month ago I was driving on the inside of Mishref going to the NBK by the co-op. Its an internal road leading to it, two lane going and two lane coming. As I was driving down on a Saturday morning at around 8:15 am, I just needed to get some cash to pay for a few things and they have a drive through ATM. I was going about 30 kph, not in a hurry to get anywhere since I had only a few things to finish in the morning.

I could see the coop on the left side of the road about 300 meters down, and about 30 meters ahead there is a U-turn coming around. There was a Nissan Patrol on the other side of the road as I was driving, at that point I’m about 10 meters form oncoming u-turn when the car turns into the u-turn, and I thought that the person would stop, but I was completely wrong, the car continued and at this point I was traveling at 30 kph with about 7 meters from the U-turn and I slammed the brakes and made a hard right to avoid the car. I thought I could cut into the second lane but this lady went right through and I hit her car’s front end, I went on the garden of the first house went through the bushes to end up in the drive way of the second house. I was fine, the airbag didn’t come out, I was angry, very angry, I tried opening my door but because my left fender was pushed back I had to kick out my left door to get out.

I took a look at my car and I was devastated, my car was very damaged, but hamdilla I was fine. I called 777 then remembered it was 112 and reported the accident, they said go to a police station, I told them my car is not moveable and we need a police officer urgently. I was very very angry and tried calming myself, what kind of idiot would make a u-turn without stopping with a clear view of an oncoming car within a 7 meters of the u-turn and not even trying avoid me when she looked. The front left side of my Landcruiser was damaged and I hit her right fender and tire. The funner part is that my front bumper was coming off but the paint wasn’t damaged because of the Huperoptik protection on it.

(This is a very long story)
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GulfRun 6 Loading & Ready

This has been one crazy year with GulfRun 6 and it was a great car show at 360 Mall even with the rain that we got on Saturday. It was a blast and during the rain we went to see a movie so it worked out perfectly, but the great part was people were still checking out the cars in the rain. There are some very crazy machines going to GulfRun 6 this year and the one car that scared the hell out of me was the Corvette ZR1, it is an amazing piece of engineering which literally scares me, I have driven a lot of cars but this one is something else.

This Wednesday was the loading day of GulfRun and this time we met up at Tilal Complex in Shuweikh which didn’t have enough parking for so many cars but it worked out at the end. The amount of cars caused a little havoc but it isn’t too bad for an hour or two before heading out. We left by 6 pm and got to the Agility loading facility in Doha in 20 mins. We were a caravan of about 40+ cars and this was only a partial amount of the cars that were joining us. We got to Doha and loaded up the cars on four trailers in record time, and they were extremely organized, it was fantastic. I can’t wait to get to the track and rip it apart! I’m excited! If people want to visit GulfRun 6 its open to the public just mentioned that you are visiting on the 27th and 28th of January.

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